What if…? The series.

What if?
When I was a kid I loved comic books.
Now I ‘enjoy’ them for their capacity to tell a story in a visual style that…
O.K., I still love them.

If we could step into a “Wayback” machine, or visit your local comic shop, I could show you some back issues of a comic series that Marvel Comics produced called, “What if…?” They took the idea and used it to twist around some of the Marvel Icons or well known moments in Marvel continuity (yes, there were ‘well known moments’ for true believers!). Things like “What if Spiderman had been Spidergirl…?” Or “What if Captain America was a Communist…?” They would present some alternate time line to what we knew.

So I’ve been thinking lately about a series of blogs, that would only work with reader participaion, on the theme of “What if…?” and focusing on the icons of the Church or the Church continuity.

Like, “What if the Church never developed paid leaders…?” Or “What if the Church never bought property…?” Or “What if the Church bought homes to live in the same neighbourhood together?”

I think we’re mostly afraid of a lot of “What if…?” questions because we’re afraid we would find answers that might look better than what we’ve got.


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2 Responses to What if…? The series.

  1. Shelley says:

    what if we re-interpreted scripture so that spirutal gifts mean “super powers” and we convinced Christians that if they had enough faith they could jump off buildings and fly, or walk through walls, or go back in time…OR what if churches took the term “naked before God’ literally and made people take off their clothes when they came in for a worship service….Or what if we were all lived in cloistered communes and ate only things that died naturally and drank green kool-aid…um shoot.

  2. brianmpei says:

    Hey! Great what ifs Shell. I think we’ve already covered the first part and I can direct you to the tv preacher and christian pulp non-fiction bestseller if you would like to see it. The ‘naked before God’, as I understand it, actually happened in a church in B.C. when they were singing a song called “Freedom” by the German Worship master Norm Strauss, and a certain new convert tore off his clothes and began running around the worship centre yelling “freedom!” Don’t recall if half his face was painted blue or not.

    In some areas, predominately University towns or communities with a population demographic that was heavy on the young adult side, this could really ‘take off’ and attendance would sore. ahem. In other locations, particularly retirement communities in Florida, this could cause a more serious decline in church attendance than when they started opening the area cafeterias at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays for the early, early bird specials.

    I can’t imagine anything to say about the cloistered green kool-aid.

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