Find The Groove And Work It

russian_mishkas_band.jpg Sometimes when you play you just play and you make music and it’s good. There’s also a magical moment when you’re playing as a band and you really find the groove on a song. There is an energy in the moment that makes you feel like you are part of the song rather than playing it. When you find that groove you want to stay there; keep going and never stop. In leadership you often do your part and everyone else does theirs and stuff happens. But there are seasons where you find the groove and things just seem to flow, to happen without much effort, where you’re connected to something much bigger than yourself. Don’t try to figure it out, just work it as long as it lasts.

Our tendency, when we find the groove, is to stop, analyze it, figure out how we got here so we can get here again and write books and tell/sell hundreds on how to get here. Certainly there are things we can understand, an environment we can create that is more likely to help us find the groove than not but at the end of the day it defines analysis like grace. We waste our time trying play like someone else does in order to find the groove. Get your band, your team and just play to play and when you find the groove, ride it, don’t try to figure it out, and get so into it that you can’t be satisfied until you find it again.


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