Personal Soundtrack

We’re back from the Children’s Hospital. Let me say, “thank you!” to everyone who prayed for us, thought about us, or nudged some positive ‘energy’ our way.

Em’s report was good and the future of surgeries, while inevitable, looks a little less intimidating. The next round will start like a pool in the shallow end and over a year and a half or two years take us into the deep end again.

As the surgeon was talking with Em, she’s 12 now by the way going on 21, she finally popped her BIG question, the thing she was most terrified about the approaching deep end. When the doctor, who was brilliant with her, asked if she had any questions about what he was going to do to her she managed to get it out. “Will I be able to talk?”

I couldn’t not laugh.

This was her greatest fear, 6 weeks with no talking! “Oh sure,” he told her, “you’ll be talking right away.” Eating, breathing, these are the things I would ask about. Talking. I love my daughter.

After we left we wanted to give her a break and a treat from getting poked and prodded by the doctors and nurses who were all excellent, and we took her to a big mall. For her, a mall is wonderland, eden and recess. I retreated to a nearby bookstore in search of literature and cappuccino.

When I walked in I headed straight for my pusher to get my grande fix but I noticed an older guy sitting at a table by himself, big bushy beard, old overcoat, cup of java in hand, carrying on a loud and intense conversation with the empty chair across from him.

I have friends here who come in off the street and he reminded me of some them. I was going to walk over to get my fix and come back and see what was going on with him when I noticed he kept touching his ear. (Again, not unusual with my friends off the street.) But it tipped me off and I noticed he had one of those cell phone deals like the bald guy in Cloud City in Star Wars 2 but smaller. (Cloud City must’ve had crappy reception to have to go so big.)

Bluetooth technology is actually leveling the playing field of society. From now on with bluetooth we won’t know if the man yelling at his reflection in the storefront window is the street guy off his meds or an environmental activist trying to convince a Republican of global warming over his cell. Both potentially annoying but we won’t be able to make snap judgments.

It reminded me in an entirely random, has nothing to do with this sort of way of a day this past summer when I was leaving my office and had to wait for my ride to arrive. As I stood in the doorway I saw a guy, Guitar Man, a block away coming my direction with his guitar strapped on.

I couldn’t hear him but I knew he was actually playing the guitar, not just carrying it. Finally when he got about 15 feet away I could hear the chord progression he was grooving to. He wasn’t playing for everyone else to hear, he was playing for himself. He was totally tuned out and tuned in to the music. This wasn’t one of the buskers, just a guy who has chosen an alternative lifestyle of living with a personal soundtrack.

I could identify with Guitar Man. If you’re at all like me you have this internal soundtrack that plays in your mind the way music plays during a movie. This guy had taken it one step further. I imagined he grabbed his guitar as he left home and thought, “I need walking music…”

Think how useful this could be.

You step into the water at the beach, “ba-dump, ba-dump” and the Jaws theme starts from some unseen speaker and you get back out of the water. You go out on a blind date and when you meet the person the heart beat soundtrack from every scarey movie starts up. Go for a jog and the Rocky theme starts up. Girl sees a really hot guy in a bar, standing alone and she gets up the courage to walk up and buy him a drink and as she approaches him through the crowd she finally hears, “it’s fun to stay that YMCA…” is his soundtrack. She just saved herself some money and some awkwardness when she would’ve tried to sound convincing saying, “no, no, I knew, yeah, of course, sure, I was just being friendly…”.

My soundtrack leaving the hospital yesterday was ‘Walking on Sunshine’. I started singing it on the way to the parking garage and Em picked it up and joined in.


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3 Responses to Personal Soundtrack

  1. Shelley says:

    mine is “isn’t she lovely”….or maybe …. no wait… i can only think of inappropriate songs but it’s making me laugh pretty darn hard! Anyway, what i’m trying to say is HOORAY!!! i’m glad things went well at IWK and glad to hear Em had good doctors. Thank God she won’t have to give up talking. 😉

  2. J. Bryce says:

    Cute smiley face Shell. I’m going to try one. (3!?)…..hope that works. {eo1&*}…..hope that works too, it was a smiley face with a hat.

    Glad things went well Brian. I actually forgot to pray; I’m surprised things still went well even though I didn’t pray. Usually God takes my prayers more seriously than others…..

    Wow. It must be Friday.

  3. brianmpei says:

    Thank you both for making me laugh!

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