Acknowledge the Unseen Power

dscf0058.JPG Often the most hidden parts can be the most important parts.

We jokingly ask the sound guy to keep the ‘suck button’ turned down when we’re playing. The truth is that the only time somebody acknowledges the sound man is when things go wrong: feedback, no sound, too loud or some other reason to complain. Everyone looks in his/her direction. Rarely is there a line to talk to the sound guy after the gig and if there is you can bet it’s a line of other sound guys.

If the sound person is having a bad day, we’re all having a bad day and if he’s having a great day, no one notices him. As a leader you’ve got to notice the invisible contributions because often no one else will. If we’ll be wise and acknowledge those who don’t get ‘center stage’ and the value (and even critical) contributions they make it will make for fewer days when the ‘suck button’ is turned up.

The real strength of any team, family or band is rarely found in the spotlight. It’s found in the guy/gal putting a new roll of toilet paper on, the person who “doesn’t do anything” but manages to call the people who need to know someone noticed they’ve been MIA, or the person who remembered we set our clocks forward this week.

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