Create Your Own Rhythm & Style

isulong-seoph-duplicate-sta.jpg I know a church who has a worship band that is musically perfect. You could start a cd that the song they are leading is from and they will reproduce that sound note for note. They have worked very hard to meticulously recreat the original arrangement. However, when I worship there I sometimes feel like I’ve never really heard them worship, I’ve just heard an imitation of a worship cd.

Sometimes in leadership we pick up the latest thing and learn it and play it note for note but wonder why we don’t have the same results as Rick or Bill or Erwin or Orville. Often it’s because the sound we make is hollow because it’s not our sound, it’s someone else’s. We need to take the influences of all the other great players but find our own rhythm on a song, our own arrangement and style.

A while back I was trying desperately to come up with some changes to our leadership structure that would work for every church in the world for all of time. I looked around at what others were doing and tried to find a team model that I could co-opt. What became clear was that what I really needed to do was to forget about coming up with a leadership structure diagram that would work for everyone forever and just come up with something that works for me, for who I am and for us, for who we are, right here and right now. It was a “it seemed right to us and to the Holy Spirit” moment. We can be as authentic in our leadership style as we can be in our messages, our worship, our conversations. Be an original, we’ve got enough copies.


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