And the Winner is…

In a completely random draw from the names who posted comments under the 5 Inventions post from last week, the winner is…

but we’re really ALL winners, aren’t we? Didn’t just posting a comment on my blog make you FEEL like a winner?

Anyway, the name that the elusive Donna pulled from the shoebox is…………SHELLEY PERRY!

Congrats Shell, let me know if you want the photo from Ireland, nicely framed, or the recipe. Thanks to EVERYONE who give away some time to read my blogging and to those who leave comments!


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7 Responses to And the Winner is…

  1. Shelley says:

    I WON!!???!??!??!?? I don’t know what to say…

    I’d like to thank all men for being stupid enough to inspire me to want to invent something to fix them…

    I’d like to thank Brian and Donna for always supporting me and rigging the competition so i would win…

    Most importantly i’d like to thank God…the true source of this honor. I give Him all the glory for this and for making me better than the rest of the people that entered. He deserves all the credit.


  2. Shelley says:

    oh yeah…i want the picture. There is no way I will ever cook anything

  3. brianmpei says:

    You won! I will only say that NOTHING was rigged other than the elusive Donna may have prayed before she pulled a name out of the box. When she drew your name she wanted to choose a better and more expensive prize, so you’ll have to wait and see what she comes up with besides the framed picture.

  4. I would have been happy with the framed picture. Congradulations, Shelley!

  5. Shelley says:

    do we all have to call her “the elusive Donna” from now on or is that just your own pet name for her? Thanks Andrew!

  6. Brad says:

    Hey Brian,

    Lets share the love and give up the pie recipe……….pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeeee!

  7. brianmpei says:

    Hmmmm. O.K., I’ll post it tomorrow. It’s tricky but worth it.

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