Job Offer…seriously.

jump.jpg My first job offer in 16 years came today.

Before I get into it, I’ll just recap – the short version – of how we got here.

I work full-time as one of the leaders at Community Church. We’ve been meeting here in C’town for about 4 ½ years now and in rented space the whole time. Just before Christmas our rent on the Space, the place we meet as a big group on Sundays and for other things, including our admin offices through the week, went up and up and up. At the first of the year our weekly offering amounts didn’t go up and after 2 months of not having the amount we need to cover our fixed expenses we needed to come up with a plan.

So our plan, what seemed right to us and the H.S. has been this: 1) give some money away (counter-intuitive, I know, but that seems to be the way God works, go figure…), so we’re collecting for a great local ministry that specializes in helping women in crisis. 2) the whole church is asked to pray and fast one day each week, from sunset to sunset or sunrise to sunrise, over the situation (again, where’s the connection? But trust me, it’s there.), 3) I would look for work away from the church, I would keep my salary here but whatever I could make from full-time work would go into the offering and help make budget/reduce dependency, and finally 4) we would look everywhere for a less expensive place to meet as long as we had the room and kind of location we need to grow, rather than a space that would hinder the dream.

For the last 3 weeks we’ve been operating on this plan and that has led me to job interviews (which you can read about in an earlier post) and now a job offer.

The job I’ve been offered is at a Call Centre, not iPod support, full-time, on a rotating shift for 40 hours per week at $9 per hour. So after taxes I figure I’d clear, um, maybe $300? That seems so tiny. How do people live on that who don’t have a choice? I don’t think I’ve made that for a weeks work since 1989. Staggering.

Complicating all this, and this is a really great complication, is that for the last 3 weeks, since turning this plan on, we’ve met or exceded our weekly need. At this point I feel like we have to keep pursuing 1-4 but I’m pretty sure, in light of that, I should wait for other offers, and especially wait to see if the position on the Lobster Boat, which pays about double the Call Centre’s offer, comes through.

As I’ve told everyone on Sundays, we’re a family, and a family doesn’t stop being a family just because money gets tight. We do what we have to do, for as long as we have to do it, but the family keeps going and growing. And I’m crazy about the family I’m a part of here at CC in C’town.

I’m also really grateful that at least someone would offer a job to a ‘seasoned’ (is that better Shelley?) guy like me other than the blue vest greeters position at Wally World!


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2 Responses to Job Offer…seriously.

  1. Shelley says:

    thanks for the explanation. I didn’t really understand what was going on and this is definitely helpful. I love the part about being a family and I love your willingness to step outside the box. I am glad you don’t have to work for $9/hour (yet) and yes, it’s amazing how many families in the Maritimes have to do that and make it work somehow. I think lobster fishing might be a perfect fit…it’s very new testament. You could even call it “biblical research” or something!

  2. brianmpei says:

    As long as the ‘biblical research’ does not include having to walk on water…

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