The Recipe

For those who have a sweet tooth like me I’m putting a link here for the banoffee pie. Of the 3 links on Wikipedia, the Waitrose recipe sounds most like the pie I had but all three on Wiki are much the same. Please note that the recipe comes with a safety precaution. You’ve got to love a dangerous dessert! I’ll also throw in a caution about calories.

We had this dessert in the home of a brilliant cook in Belfast, N. Ireland. There’s something to be said for how good something tastes being based on the place where you ate it. I once had an apple in Chicago from a street vendor called, “Fruit of the Loop”. (I wish I’d made that up!) I was with a beautiful girl who I had an intense but unreciprocated crush on, it was sunny, warm and we were walking toward the shore. It was the best apple I have ever eaten in my entire life, and I have eaten many. In fact, I think every time I bite into an apple I’m hoping to find that same taste experience. But I think it was a combination of Chicago, the girl, the sunshine and walking toward open water, rather than a variety of apple coming from a particular orchard, that made the apple taste so sweet.

A few days before the Banoffee Pie, Donna and I had been to the Giant’s Causeway with our son Nathan (who lives in Belfast) and stopped in a little pub/cafe there for some tea and a pudding (I still don’t understand how dessert is pudding in the U.K. and here in North Am we have pudding and dessert but I’ll eat both). We had just been down to the water, along the shoreline with the amazing rock formations and crashing surf and then back up again to walk along the edge of the cliff and back to where we started. The sky was dark with the promise of more rain but in the distance a rainbow stretched across the dark cloud and down to a distant cliff. We were a little damp and chilled and we stopped in this little pub while we waited for the bus. A coal fire was burning warmly in the fireplace and we had the whole place to ourselves. I asked for something called Pavlova because I’d never heard of it before. I planned to share it with Donna but I’m pretty sure she didn’t get more than one bite. Between the walk, the shore, the climb, the hunger it created, the toasty fire and the company I was in, it was the best piece of pie I’ve ever eaten.

The Banoffee Pie was like that. We were with friends who I both look-up to and love, sharing stories and a meal and the B.P. was made all the sweeter by the moment we were in.

So, here’s to the good times and the

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2 Responses to The Recipe

  1. Shelley says:

    Your secret recipe for Banoffee pie is found on Wikipedia????!! i’m appalled. that was one of the prizes you offered me!

  2. brianmpei says:

    I know, the other prize, which you’re getting, is a photo taken at the Giant’s Causeway. These are also available on line. This is EXACTLY why Donna wanted me to get you a different prize when she realized you were the winner. I suck at this.

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