My Mom Loves Me

And my Dad does to. Last night I was talking with my parents about an impending trip we’re planning to the States. Mom had read my post “Farm Boy” and wanted to know why I didn’t think they love me.

It was something like this:
Mom: So I want to know why you don’t think your Father and I love you…
Me: Wha…?
Mom: I read your, your, whatever thing, website…
Me: My blog?
Mom: Blog. Why don’t you think we love you?
Me: Ah, what I said was meant to be positive, I said you like me. Everyone says they love you. I’d rather be liked.
Mom: *silence* (clearly not buying my explanation)
Me: At church there are all kinds of people you “love” but I bet there are only a few that you really “like”. I’d rather be liked.
Mom: Well we like you and we love you.
Me: thanks Mom, I know you do.

So, it’s now official, Mom loves me and my Dad does too. Now I just have to explain to her how to post here on the blog and she can clear all this up herself the next time it happens!


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3 Responses to My Mom Loves Me

  1. Andrew says:

    I think you a good person, I like you.

    PS: That coffee I got this morning when I bumped into you and the wife was the best dang coffee I ever drank, but as you can tell by my blog reading and comment making, I am not doing all the work I should be.

  2. sweetlybroken says:

    Thank you, I now have a clear definition and new perspective for my post on March 31st.

    And ya, I like you!

  3. brianmpei says:

    Andrew: I like you too! And it WAS good coffee today!

    Sweetie: Glad to help. And I like you as well! honest.

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