Global Warming

A note from the road.

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve seen or heard TV programs, magazine articles, radio news reports and commentaries and personal conversations about Global Warming. I’ve heard both sides (I didn’t even realize there were sides) use all kind of proof or evidence to support their faith or disbelief in Global Warming. Some say a trend, others a cycle. Some say, “coincidence” and insist some random occurence means nothing. Some point to the past and strange weather phenemona of the past to disprove GW while others point to the present and weird weather phenomena to prove GW.

There are some who talk about GW to further their own political agenda or their own capitalist cause, from fundraising to ‘miracle products’ that will save the planet. Some talk about GW, write about GW and hold events, rallies and sing-alongs for GW or against GW.

Pretty soon they’ll be insisting that the theory of Global Warming be taught as fact in the public school. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean ‘theory’ the way some unbelievers might use that word but the way science uses the word. They’ll insist that both sides be given equal time and no doubt some school districts will ban the teaching of Global Warming all together. These will no doubt mostly be the ‘Red’ states.

My simple faith in Global Warming has been shaken. Maybe the property I own on the Island isn’t so likely to become waterfront soon. The many who don’t believe, the scientists who scoff at my faith and who scoff at their colleagues who have the same faith I have, they can’t all be wrong, can they? Maybe I’m just a fundamentalist and I need to make more room for other people’s beliefs and opinions because I’m even thinking that belief in GW or lack of belief, could lead to conflict with others. Even war.

That’s what I’m thinking about today.

(as I take a break from our family grief)


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5 Responses to Global Warming

  1. My stand on GW comes from the experience that when I was 10 (only 13 years ago) I trick-or-treated with snow on the ground. This year I was happy to see snow on the ground for my birthday which falls on January 22nd. Maybe a natural trend is taking place, but would someone who is only 23 years old actually notice the trend by a three month difference in a typical season? It seems to me that something more then a natural trend in taking place. I’m no scientist, but from the liberal material I have come across, GW is real and is a threat to every life, not just those living in coastal areas.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Shelley says:

    it’s funny because i’ve been thinking a lot about this lately too…and i wonder, does it matter? What i mean is, does it matter if GW exists or not? If you take away the politics of it, I think everyone can agree that the human race is damaging the environment and we should probably do whatever we can to respect it and fix the problem rather than contribute to it. So let’s say there is no such thing as a global warming, that still doesn’t let us off the hook because there are a multitude of other environment problems. It seems that working toward fixing GW can’t in the end be a bad thing even if turns out there is not such thing as GW. That’s what i’ve been thinking about and I don’t really like it because it makes me more responsible for the environment than i care to be.

    I am also wondering lately if when we talk about the Kingdom of God being here NOW (the whole “already” but “not yet” thing), if that means in the end what we are doing with our earth ultimately affects the hereafter. Like what if we are living in part of heaven right now? That thought made me go “uh oh”. We may be held more accountable for what we do to the earth than I thought. It’s like we’ve been thinking the earth is a crappy rental property that we will someday move out of and get to own this really steller house with a pool and gardens and an ocean view–but what if one day we realize that we actually OWN the rental property? All along we had been treating it like crap and now it’s run down and falling a part and needs so much fixing…and all that time we could have been investing in it making it the house of our dreams.

    just a thought. 😉 and i miss you guys.

  3. TJ says:

    Man Shelly, what if it goes one step further, and the ”property” is us…you, me, him, her…and we’re each a ”room” in the house that will be ours in the Kingdom and we’re held accountable for how we’ve cared for our room….keeping it warm, inviting and not messy and dark….looking lived in and not vacant….sharing the space once in a while and not shutting the door….letting in light and not pulling the blinds…allowing things to grow in the sun and not spread in the dark…and as more ”rooms” are cared for, more doors are open, more of the house is renovated, and more of it can be lived in…..
    Geeze…my room’s messy…again…still? Gotta git to tidying up…….no white glove tests please….clean is mean….make it feel safe and welcoming….door’s open….kick off your shoes, put your feet up, set your cup on the table….good to go…

  4. brianmpei says:

    Wow, great discussion! I’m fascinated by where you’re taking. See you all soon.

  5. Nathan says:

    is God real?

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