Endurance Test

I somehow forgot all about Dr. Gene Scott. While we were in the States we stayed at my sister/brother-in-law’s and enjoyed their generous hospitality. One of the perks of their place is satellite T.V. where, apparently, you can see anything, from anywhere at just about anytime of day. Flipping through the thousand channels which reminded me of my good friend Tim’s CD collection (if you started listening today would it be possible to listen to everyone once during this century?) I found the late Dr. Scott preaching away. I don’t think it was CG or animatronics, I think it was taped.

Here’s a taste of Dr. Scott for those who’ve never had the experience. I call it “Endurance Test” for obvious reasons.

p.s. I love Australia.


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5 Responses to Endurance Test

  1. sweetlybroken says:

    2 questions.
    1. what does he have a Phd. in?
    2. if I was yelling back at my computer screen do I fail the test?

    Then I guess I failed, really, really failed. 😦

  2. Shelley says:

    i feel violated

  3. brianmpei says:

    sweetly: 1. no idea, 2. no, I think he wants you to yell back, you passed if you could watch the whole thing.

    Shelley: i know, sorry. I can only imagine that I forgot Dr. Gene because my mind/soul/spirit were traumatized and blocked out his Gene-ness. My favourite part is when his congregation can be heard applauding in the background. Gotta love L.A.

  4. Arron says:

    Wow, this guy must have been crazy, as well as his congregation. How did
    he die? Did someone kill him?

  5. brianmpei says:

    Arron: Cancer got ‘im. You can google him, he was a lot of things and crazy may have been one of them but he was amazingly popular and incredibly wealthy.

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