Call Me Crazy

straight-jacket.jpg If this was a Fractured Fairy Tale the alternate title would be “or Why I love Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris”.

I think Dawkins and Harris take Christians way more seriously than we take ourselves.

I could possibly be mad.

Not angry: mad. Mad as in crazy, insane, off my rocker, out to lunch, a brick short of a full load, one neuron short of a synapse, in short, I could possibly be cracked way beyond my virtue.

I have no ill will towards someone like Dawkins or Harris who don’t believe in any gods: god, goddess, tortoise or otherwise who have a problem with me and my beliefs. They should: If my experience with God is all in my head, I’m crazy, not mistaken. What freaks me out a little are people who don’t seem to have experienced God, who probably don’t believe there is any God, and want to loan me money, or let me coach their kids, or let me start fires or drive a car.

Why do people who don’t share my belief in my own version of the Cosmic Tortoise treat me so benignly and in some cases respectfully and differentially? I can understand in the cultural mosaic that I live in that I would be tolerated for my views on global warming but come on, would you personally give time to anyone and their thoughts on anything that believed and followed the Cosmic Tortoise? Would you not be terrified to have the leader of your nation say that they subscribed to the teachings of the Cosmic Tortoise and made their decisions for the good of the nation based on their understanding of the words of the Tortoise?

The only reason I can come up with is that I’m not acting crazy enough, seriously committed to what I say I believe and that most people just assume I’m playing pretend. And I think the truth is, and Richard and Sam would back me up on this, that I’m either crazy or I’m not. And if I’m not, I’m apparently not very convincing or the people who say they don’t believe but treat me like I’m sane are the ones who are playing pretend.

Well, at least Sam and Richard take me at my word.


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3 Responses to Call Me Crazy

  1. shellie says:

    When I saw the straight-jacket graphic, I thought for sure this one would be about Bob. ^__^ You fooled me again!

    Very interesting observations about non-believers. Yes, you are quite mad… but I believe you were even before you were a Christian! So you can’t blame that one on Christianity! 😉

  2. brianmpei says:

    You are one of the few people who knows that for a fact Shellie. Thanks for ratting me out! I pretty much blame you for both though.
    And I will NEVER be posting something about Bob. However, keep checking this space for my stories about my friend, Mr. Magico.

  3. shellie says:

    I am more than flattered about being blamed for your Christianity! (Being blamed for the madness part is a bit less flattering. ~_^)

    Okay, okay… no posts about Bob. Don’t blame you there! I’d still like to hear you spin a yarn or two about Mr. Magico though. Those would be almost as good, I’m sure.

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