Dear Bono

bono_narrowweb__300×3090.jpg I’m one of the 7 billion of us that you don’t know. I’m writing you because my son, who is 19, is living in Belfast, N. Ireland right now. He’s been there for almost a year now on an internship program working with protestant and catholic young people in Belfast. He’ll be coming home in just less than a month and as excited as his mom and I will be to have him home I know that he’s had one big dream that hasn’t come true there. He hasn’t met you.

Hi name is Nathan and he’s not got some “Make A Wish” disease (thank God) and he’s not dying of anything that we aren’t all dying from. But he had a hope that he’d walk in to a pub down in Dublin on a visit and suddenly bump into you. He’d buy you a pint, you’d sit down in a booth for a chat and in half an hour you’d have solved pretty much all the rest of the problems you haven’t already figured out solutions to by now.

He’s naturally shy so it would have been pretty awkward for both of you if he’d run into you at the pub. He would have walked right up to, not willing to miss the opportunity to connect with you, but likely would have said something like, “…ah…you…music…great…Bono…” and then smiled nervously waiting for a response, convinced in his own mind he’d made a complete sentence but not entirely sure what he’d said.

He’s doing great in Belfast. He’s met a lot of people and he’s become a friend and big brother to some kids who need both and have neither. All in all his time there has been wildly successful other than not running in to you. So as his dad, without him knowing about this, I’m writing to ask if you’d take 30 minutes between solving one crisis and another to let my son buy you a pint. He’s not the stalker sort, he won’t ask for your autograph, a pair of your sunglasses or even a photograph. All he would like to do is buy you a drink and swap some stories and share a blessing. I have a suspicion you’d actually enjoy meeting him and relaxing for half an hour away from world leaders, politicians and celebrities. Just you and one of the other 7 billion you haven’t met yet. He’s a regular guy who’s trying to change the world just like you are but he’s just doing it one at a time.

Bono, he doesn’t deserve to meet you, he hasn’t earned it and he has neither fame nor power. It would just be…grace.

Email me here at Cracked Virtue and I’ll send you his address and I guarantee he’ll meet you any time, any where and he’s buying. Thanks Bono.

p.s. when you’re talking to him, could you remind him to phone his mom? Cheers!


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4 Responses to Dear Bono

  1. Yves A says:

    Hey Brian….

    You never know who might read your blog… I wrote about Johnny Rabb (fantastic drummer) and he actually read it and answered me.

    Pretty neat indeed.

    Hi Bono!


    God is pretty big.

  2. heidi says:

    Hi there I hope Natham had his chance to meet Bono eventully its just that I have a much big reason I need to meet Bono. Im a 34 year old living in poverty and Bono has got so much money now and its all thanks to us fans whos put that money in his bank by buying his music. Pot luck he got spotted by a good band manager whos looked after him but Ive had horrible managers who want to get in my knickers blow job or no job. Im now suffering from a damaged lung all cos I needed to move out of my parents place cos my dad got violent so i ended up in a horrible run down bungalow full of damp and mould and the mould was so severe I developed Asperillgus poisining from the mould spores and now suffer breathing dificulties. I had to move and ended up in a worser situation and have more mould in my new flat and even worse ongoing sewage problemsscreeming kids at odd times of the day and night and I feel awful asking Bono this but would it be possible if Bono could buy me a clean nice spacious healthy flat in a nice quiet part of London. please get back to me Bono its serious this could lead to my early grave if continued housing association are being awkward have words with them please I know you can

  3. brianmpei says:

    Hey Heidi, I hope that works out for you. Let me know if you hear from Bono.

  4. heidi says:

    Oh Bono If your looking this website up heres my email

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