Last Night I Was Mugged By A Thought

old-man.jpg Once again I appeal to my Christian friends, theologians, philosophers and bartenders everywhere to help me with this one. I intend to win this round.

Nowhere, that I’m aware of, in the New Testament part of the Bible (last third of the printed pages – excluding those nasty concordances they stick in the very back) does it say that on the day of judgment we’ll be asked about how many church services we attended, Bible studies we led or went to, how many songs we sang or Sunday School hours we logged. I can’t find anywhere that says that Jesus will toss random Bible trivia questions at us to test us to see if we get in or not. I don’t even find a single, solitary reference (sorry “Evangelism Explosion”) to a place where Jesus will say, “and why should I let you into my heaven?” where the correct response is, “only because you died for me.”

But I can read a whole description of that day by Jesus, or so it claims, when we’ll all be made to stand up and give an account that directly relates to whether we get in or we’re left out. On that day, according to Jesus, the only criteria will be feeding the hungry, giving a drink to the thirsty, showing hospitality to strangers, visiting prisoners and getting some clothes for someone who needs them.

And here’s the thought that mugged me: What are we, the church, spending most of our time doing?

Anyone out there want to help me with this?

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11 Responses to Last Night I Was Mugged By A Thought

  1. Rachael says:

    I’m with you…

  2. shelleyperry says:

    ugh. conviction stings.

  3. Nancy says:


  4. TJ says:

    You do ask the most provocative questions….

  5. Nathan says:

    having luncheons?

  6. sweetlybroken says:

    that smarts, could you pass the Band Aids please.

  7. Patty says:

    That’s a questions more of us should be asking ourselves.

  8. rogueminister says:

    Thats right on. I wish more folks understood and acted on that. Myself included!

  9. Dave M says:

    You are running the risk of coining a new term to replace “born again”, its “sell out christian”…hahhaha. I can picture people now..(are you a “sell out christian” young man?)
    But I am with you, as far as what I think you are implying…its just soooo hard, eh?

  10. starlyn says:

    I teach EE at my church! besides… i think u talk about mat 24 – 25 wich are my fav and most useful chapters to talk about the rapture. I am not going to talk much, just going to tell u were find the verses that support the idea of God talking to ppl after they die and not using any “evangelism explosive bible support” just my bible
    mat 7:21-23
    mat 10:32-33
    mat 22:11-14

    ok when it gets to mat 25 notice He mention “… when u do this to my little brothers u did it to me” He is talking about christian ppl specifically. cause they will be a judgment for ppl are Christians and other for non chr wich is in revelations 20:11
    the christian judgment is for those who say that are christian but never put their life in God hands to use them for good works and didn’t really believe that Jesus saves. the ones that trusted Jesus as God and savior plus spend their lives showing that faith will be rewarded with honors besides entering to heaven.

    BUTTTT I REALLY LIKE U HONESTY CAUSE SOMETIMES CHRISTIANS DONT HELP OTHERS some do but very few, cause leaders dont talk much about it. i have a website about that

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