Counting Down

flying.jpg It’s almost time to start my vacation. We’re travelling down to the States and we’ll be seeing family and clearing out the elusive Donna’s parent’s place so it can be sold. The proceeds of the sale will go towards taking care of Donna’s dad at the nursing home.

This is coming at a very interesting time for me. I am completely torn up inside about church and what we’ve become and feeling a little off balance about what I’m perceiving the mandate to be and what we’re doing instead. My experience in the States, in the past, has been a little like what I imagine it felt like for the Israelites when they landed in Babylon. I’ll resist the urge to listen to Christian radio because that just really winds me up or gets me depressed or both.

I spend a lot of my vacation time trying to hit some food places I don’t normally get to go to up here in the GWN. Places like Long John Silvers, fine dining at it’s best, or White Castle. Mmmmmm. I’m definitely taking my son Josh to La Bamba for a burrito as big as my head and at some point while in Spfld I intend to go by the Jolly Tamale for some gut melting faux mexican food. Hopefully the temps will be hot enough that I’ll sweat off all the weight that I’ll be adding and it will balance out.

It’s amazing to me how much I have left to do before we go when I’ve had a couple months of planning to get ready for this. I’ll post a few times from the road and check in with some road stories. I won’t be keeping up the daily while I’m away though. When I get back I plan to tell another story from my drug running days, tell you some more about my high school days (describe the ‘nerd squad’ I ran with), tell you about a road trip that led to heartache and my first time getting high, and share some more of my struggle with you to come to terms with the distance I feel between what is and what should or could be.


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2 Responses to Counting Down

  1. shelleyperry says:

    safe trip…i’ll see you guys en route!

  2. TJ says:

    “..the distance I feel between…”
    Good word, “distance”…unlike “barrier”, it’s something that can be traveled…MW synonyms for “the distance” include “the way”…
    Safe home, all of you.

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