A Brief But Needed Rant

techie.jpg After an hour and a half of talking to the most condescending techie ever I am now finally on line. Yesterday I spoke to a techie, in an attempt to become wireless – ah! freedom – and he spoke to me like I was a man who had half a brain. Which I do. Today, Robert, who I’m sure in the real, non-phone centre, world goes by Rob or Bob or Bobby but wears a t-shirt to work that says, “The Big R” printed across the front of it, talked to me like I’m an idiot.

Big R: What seems to be the problem.
Me: My browser can’t connect to the internet.
Big R: Hmmmm. Well, let’s see, is the computer on?
Me: What?
Big R: Issssss ittttttt onnnnnnnnnn? *talking in slow motion*

Later on he’s getting me to type in a command codes and he says, “Type in netsh, space, now that’s not the word space, I mean leave a space…” and later, “Type winsock, that’s win and in winners and losers (I swear he put emphasis on the ‘loser’ part) and sock, the piece of clothing you sometimes slide over your foot, particularly in winter.” O.K., thanks Big R I thought you meant sock like as in puppet or as in fill a sock with batteries and beat the crap out of you with it.


Anyway, I’ll be getting back to my slide show later today. Right now I’m working on the answering the following question for a talk I’m giving this Sunday, “If God can heal anyone, why doesn’t he heal everyone?”


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2 Responses to A Brief But Needed Rant

  1. shelleyperry says:

    maybe we could pray for God to heal the techie after you beat him with a sock full of batteries…

    or my mentally deranged friend Ed Green who has very severe emotional and social issues (stalkers are people too…)

  2. brianmpei says:

    pray is always good but I’m not sure what we can do for Ed, isn’t he from Chicago?

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