Guest Blogger: The Elusive Donna

donna-mom.jpg I was looking over the elusive Donna’s shoulder and spotted this –

While on holidays I had the task of cleaning out my parent’s house: not only cleaning the house but preparing the house to be sold. What a terrible task for anyone to do. My sisters and I started in the most logical place, the Kitchen. This is where we would find most of the items for the yard sale. There was so much stuff. Glasses, plates, pots, pans, knick knacks, utensils, medicines, vitamins, and spices; you name it. There was a lot. We had to find a way to pack it all up so that it would not break as we transferred the items to my sisters for the yard sale. We decided newspaper would get too messy, so we opted to use some of the 10 rolls of paper towels that we had found in my old bedroom closet.

An hour and about 6-8 rolls of paper towel later I looked down at the pretty blue flower pattern on the towels. Blue was my mom’s favourite colour and I started thinking how appropriate that it was for us to be wrapping her glasses in her favourite colour. She probably picked this out a year or two ago because of the blue flowers. I am deep in my thoughts of my mom and how she had hoped to use this pretty paper towel one day, in which I am now wrapping up her precious belongings. I come out of my thoughts when I really look at it and notice there are quotes written on it.

I almost dropped the glass that I was wrapping when I read, “A Mother’s Love Never Stops Growing”. There were more sayings but I couldn’t go on. I stood there frozen.

Eventually I thawed out enough to read the others, there were only two other sayings, “A Mother is the Truest Friend we have”, “Mother’s Nurture the Flowers in the Garden of Life”. The whole thing was about Mothers!

It felt like God was trying very hard to get my attention and let me know that He knew this day would come and that He had orchestrated the whole thing, He wanted to remind me that it was okay, and that my mom’s love will continue, it never stops growing. Even though her personal little treasures were disappearing and being sold at a value that does not come close to representing the worth that this treasure holds. Instead I was reminded that the real inheritance was been the seeds sown into my life since I was born. (The seeds were sometimes weeds, but the real beauty is that the flowers that were nurtured were much stronger.) Like the simple paper towel that was purchased a few years back said, “Mothers nurture the flowers in the ‘garden of life’”. In my garden are many flowers, some wild, some domestic, but they are all beautiful and sown in love.


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4 Responses to Guest Blogger: The Elusive Donna

  1. Shelley says:

    wow Donna, that’s beautiful

  2. shellie says:

    My thoughts exactly… beautifully written, Donna. ^_^

  3. Barb says:

    Our mom was the greatest. Her love will never leave us or our families. I will never forget those paper towels and the message that they brought. Thanks Donna for capturing it.

  4. Brian D says:

    Donna, you will have to guest blog again. Not only was that a marvelous, beautiful message, it was a well-written story of an awesome lesson learned. I loved the last line.
    As much as the story and the message it brings, I am impressed with your skill in telling such a heart-felt story. I say the elusive Donna should be a more frequent guest blogger.

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