Computer Crashes and Micro breweries

fire-laptop-custom.jpg About 20 minutes into my morning routine my laptop started arguing with me. I wanted it to work and it didn’t think that was such a good idea. I’m guessing that its’ connection to the ‘net gave it some inside info on the beautiful weather outside and it was thinking that it was way too nice for either of us to get any work done today.

I persisted. I demanded and after a long series of soft and hard and what my computer tech calls ‘extreme’ reboots I gave up. I’m only just now back on and feeling like I’m typing on borrowed time. The giving up wasn’t too hard though. Friends were in town visiting and I was able to walk away and spend a very nice day in downtown Charlottetown with them eating and drinking, and walking. We ate India food, then got caffeinated at a local coffee shop and then we checked out the local micro-brewery, a sort of research mission, and topped it off with ice cream and a walk.

It was a pretty good afternoon that postponed the no good, very bad, horribly rotten day that my laptop is still promising me. Stories were told and listened to, secrets exchanged and decoder ring combinations were shared. While I’m constantly amazed by the beauty of this Island we’re living on and this city we’re growing roots in, I’m even more amazed and awed by the beauty of the people I meet. The couple the elusive Donna and I were out with today would be like a photograph of a couple beautiful flowers on a plant pushing through the cracks of a bombed out building. The fragrance of vulnerable lives persevering through the stubborn pettiness of the small minded, cold hearted and tight fisted. I think there is no greater potential in all of creation for ugliness and beauty as there is in the human heart.

Other than my laptop.

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3 Responses to Computer Crashes and Micro breweries

  1. Yves says:

    I agree about the human heart…. and the laptop really….

    I once gave my old Toshiba (laptop) a drink of coffee… quite by accident, but hey I figured “I like coffee right???”…

    Anyways…. it didn’t think so and decided it’s keyboard would never again take any commands.

    But, for the comparison of the laptop and the human heart…. the very best thing about the laptop is that it can be replaced……


    A cold heart…… always that hope to be warmed….

    A coffee drenched laptop… well….

    I made it clear to this MacBook I’m writting this with that I would never give it a drink of coffee…. let’s hope I don’t forget.

  2. brianmpei says:

    MacBooks prefer espresso, latte or a real capuccino.

    Good words Yves.

  3. shellie says:

    Maybe my computer sent your computer the secret “kamakaze” signal … because my laptop died the day after I got home from Illinois. I still don’t have it back, which is why I’ve been rather absent. I have wanted to send you a note about how wonderful it was to be with you and your family, but my address book is trapped on my poor deceased lappy. Could you send me your email address again… or else I’ll just blab right here out in the open! hahaha!

    I hope you can get your laptop fixed in a shorter amount of time than I have been able. It’s rather disconcerting to realize how much I miss the dumb thing! I think I’m a bit too attached to my computer.

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