What Are My Children Learning?

old-man-1-1000x1500.jpg Last night my son Josh took part one of a two part driving course for people who are first time drivers. On the way home he told me some of the tips he got in part one. The instructor asked them what you should do if someone is tail gating you. Josh said the class was silent for a painfully long time until one girl, probably afraid they would be stuck there all night if someone didn’t come up with an answer said, “speed up or slow down.” The instructor said, “You could do that, but here’s what I do…” and then went on to give them this bit of advice. “When someone is tailgating you, keep looking in your rear view mirror” (um, hello? Eyes on the road?) “until you make eye contact with them and then give them a look.” “Or,” he added, “do what my friend does and once you have eye contact, pull out your cell phone and pretend to make a call and they’ll think you’re phoning the police and they’ll slow down.” Eyes on the rear view mirror and on a cell phone. What could go wrong with that scenario?

I asked Josh if everyone was his age in the class. “Mostly,” he said, “there’s one old guy, white hair and wrinkles, must be about 40.” I’d like to be able to say that he, knowing I’m 43, was messing with me but sadly that was his true, 16 year old perspective. Old. Wrinkled. MUST be 40.

I’m talking to a plastic surgeon and personal trainer later this week and coming up with a plan.


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4 Responses to What Are My Children Learning?

  1. shellie says:

    You’re YOUNGER than I am?? Dang, that’s just not right. (And a box of haircolor is way cheaper than a plastic surgeon. ~_^)

    I think I’d try to find a different driving instructor. That guy’s “tips” stink!!

  2. brianmpei says:

    I am indeed younger! Woohoo! Which is why it is so painful that you look younger than me. Of course, I’ve asked God for 80 years and I’m planning on turning this body in looking well used so I guess I’m on target for that…

    I almost dyed my hair fuschia last year but was talked out of it. I still have the dye though, maybe that would take a few years off?

  3. Nancy says:

    Did you ask for this persons qualifications for teaching? Just because he was getting paid and was to give instructions did not make him qualified.
    Unless he was playing with thier heads? But, then I do see a lot of people who seem to be driving in this manner. Not me of course, I leave the usual car length for every 10 miles showing on my speed o meter between me and the car in front. It drives a lot of people crazy, but it’s usually a short trip.

  4. brianmpei says:

    No, didn’t ask, just handed over our money. Once he gets his license he’ll drive however he wants to anyway…*cringe*

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