The Trifecta of My Despondency

2e2100_100.jpg Today I read a blog by a guy named Todd who puts out a great newsletter called, “Monday Morning Insights“. Other than the bad news I often read there I highly recommend you subscribe if you’re interested in things to do with Christianity. If not, please, please skip it.

Today’s post told the story of a T.V. Evangelist who was beaten up by her high profile pastor husband this past week. It also told about the announcement last week that a well known T.V. ministry woman is divorcing her mega-church pastor husband (more to come on that story another day as truth unfolds) and then finally ends with a letter from a well known former pastor who led the Evangelical Something-Or-Other until he got caught with a male prostitute and a pocket full of meth. He’s sent out a fundraiser letter looking for some financial help from folks who love Jesus. It seems his $350,000 that he made last years just couldn’t stretch and the $700,000 home he owns must not be in saleable condition but if you can spare some of your $35,000 a year salary he’s surely remember to pray for you.


My friend Dave, over at wrote a post I can mostly relate to and described ministry at the moment as trying to blow up a balloon with a hole in it. What kills me about the stories, besides the facts, are that I know people who’ll respond to all 3 situations by sending in more cash. I read an article in a Christian magazine that gave details on the bad behavior of a certain well-known minister. I thought it was a well researched and, in the end, a balanced and even compassionate article. The next issue of the magazine came out and the letters to the editor seemed to hold the editor dangling over the flames of hell for sharing the info about the brother.

There’s this huge conspiracy of silence within the Church. Huge. We see things and we don’t say a word. Maybe it’s because after 2000 years even a slow train has developed so much momentum that it’s impending arrival at the washed out bridge seems impossible to prevent. Or maybe we’ve just stopped caring?

And here I am, ruining your perfectly good day…

Well, back to making giraffes and weiner dogs for the kids…


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One Response to The Trifecta of My Despondency

  1. john says:

    My Mother-in-law, who could ill afford it most, continued to faithfully send money to “Robbie T” in Dallas, even after it was revealed that they opened the envelopes for the money and threw the prayer requests away – unread. While channel surfing a few months ago, I was shocked to see Robbie still on the air preaching prosperity. Out of curiosity, I called his number requesting a “prayer packet”. I have been bombarded ever since with a never ending string of “holy” junk that I’m supposed to pray over and send back in; with my money, er, vow of faith included. I am absolutely horrifed that some do this is in the name of Jesus for their own gain while taking money away from those ministries who are sincere and would use it to minister to those in need.

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