Back When

Back when the whole world was still in black and white I remember driving home late one night from a date or just staying in with the Girl. It was very late and I was flying along a back road with 7 foot high cornfield walls on either side and getting high on the nitrogen rich air. I rolled the windows down to get a cool breeze roaring through the car and then turned on the heater to get this air bath of hot and cold flowing through the car. This song came on the radio and made it a perfect night:

Thanks Billy.


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3 Responses to Back When

  1. Kevin Bryce says:

    Enjoyed the video, took mom back to her teen years.

    Took me back to when I was well…..a little sperm.


  2. brianmpei says:

    Kev, I’m still waiting to see your movies!

    And not to get technical but I think the shelf life on sperm is pretty brief (get that?). You may have been stuck somewhere in your parent’s DNA strand back in those days.

    So when do I get to see your films?

    By the way, thanks for stopping by and checking this out!

  3. shellie says:

    Wow. As many times as I’ve listened to the song, I’ve never seen the video. Nice to see Billy looking young again. I’ve always said I’d love to see a Billy Joel concert, if only to see him wailing on those piano keys. Thanks for sharing!

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