mourning.jpg Six years ago today I was sitting in my office in Summerside looking at my computer screen with my friend Yves and talking about developing a website. I clicked on my Yahoo homepage to show him what I was looking for and the top item was a picture of the World Trade Center with one of the buildings on fire with billows of smoke surrounding it. A plane had struck the tower it said.

“Check this out, Yves.” I said, “Someone’s hacked Yahoo and posted a photoshopped picture and fake story.”

Then we clicked around and it was no hack, it was reality. A reality that changed the way we think, we feel, we vote, we travel, and we process information. The inconceivable is now the possible.

My heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones in this and in all acts of terrorism. My heart breaks for the people of Iraq who’ve been drawn into this and for the soldiers who are in harms way in Afghanistan and Iraq trying to do their best to create security in a horribly insecure situation.

I am thankful for our soldiers. Our politicians I could take a break from.

There’s a simple principle in the Christian faith: “our struggle is not against flesh and blood”. If you see flesh and blood then, that’s not the enemy. The real enemy we aren’t doing anything about is the power behind, the string pullers, the manipulators, the spin doctors. Until we dismantle the system we’re in we will madly continue to think that blowing each other up will get us where we want to go.

A couple days after 9/11 I was involved in an ecumenical service where Christian believers met and prayed for those killed and those who were left behind by the act of terrorism in the ‘friendly skies’. A politician got up and began his words of comfort by assuring us that we were sadly mistaken if we thought this was about religion. 6 years later it’s abundantly clear that it is in fact very much about religious convictions. The same religious convictions that lead some people who call themselves Christians to blow people up in abortion clinics. It’s time to dismantle the system. It doesn’t work.

I’ll step back down off my soap box now and leave with this: today I pray for peace, a cessation of hostility towards one another and today I pray that it begins in me.


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One Response to 9/11

  1. shelleyperry says:

    this happened 10 days before I went to Africa. I remember I heard the news from a girl who worked in the store where I was shopping and I was very confused. Then i picked up two guys hitchhiking and we listened to it on the radio in the car.

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