Top 5 Peeves Today

marvin.gif I haven’t done a list in a while so here’s my top 5 for this week. Add your own peeves by leaving a comment.

1. People who quit halfway through a Risk game. (I feel like I’ve said this before.)

2. My laptop and the evil programs that run in the background and slow me down or freeze me up.

3. The car full of people on a site-seeing trip who always finds a way to get in front of me when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere.

4. Experts. In general. Except doctors. And plumbers.

5. Those who’ve locked up their brains in the pursuit of an open mind or those who’ve closed their minds because they know the “truth”. (In both cases I’ve met people who just had spectacularly low I.Q.s and that group of people doesn’t peeve me at all.)

Hmmm. Each of these have reminded me of stories that I might get to write about later.

Feel free to add your own Peeve to the list or come up with your own Top 5 Peeves and leave it in the comments section.


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11 Responses to Top 5 Peeves Today

  1. Rachael says:

    1. Bald babies with earrings.
    2. People who talk loudly on cell phones in inappropriate places (libraries, line ups, etc.).
    3. Mullets.
    4. People who leave the water on when they brush their teeth.
    5. Nickelback.

  2. sweetlybroken says:

    1. slow pokes in the fast lane passing time or gas but not cars
    2. know it alls who actually know very little but will try to dazzle you with their BS
    3. 13 year old wearing thongs for all to see
    4. self centered people who know the word “me” in 7 different language but don’t know the word in any language for “others”
    5. all the sugar at the bottom of an poorly stirred medium double double

  3. Finley says:

    1.bossy people
    2.people who ignore global warming
    3.people who do not have open minds
    4.people who do not know how to do a backhand in tennis (and just turn around so that its a forehand and the hit sucks more than if they would have just done a backhand.)
    5.watermelon jolly ranchers (they are just gross)

  4. dingoesatemybaby says:

    i got a blog!!!

  5. brianmpei says:

    Finley, if it’s your baby the dingoes ate just change your info on the “leave a comments” to include your blog address and then we can all read it. Nice list. However, being from the North I’m of two minds about global warming. The old part of me says, “bring it on!” but the part of me that owns property at sea level is pretty scared.

    I completely agree with Sweetly’s #5 and dingoes #5.

  6. jorge says:

    people who think everyday is a holiday
    old people on drugs
    kids who play too many videogames and often use “cheapies”
    animals, monsters, and aliens
    played out music, played out perspectives

  7. dingoesatemybaby says:

    urg. i cannot figure out this site at all.i even read the “FAQS”. i feel wordpress stunted. i posted two blogs but i don’t know if anyone else can see them???I tried doing the “leave comments thing” as you suggested but seeing as im wordpress stunted i did not figure it out. anyways thanks for all of your help even tho you don’t even know me! That is quite virtuous(<<sp?) of you. oh yeah and it was my baby the dingoes ate.

  8. Nancy says:

    1. High gas prices
    2. Car horn honkers
    3. Looooooong fingernails
    4. Broken promises
    5. Perfect people

  9. brianmpei says:

    Dingoes, you’re at
    Send an email to all your friends and anyone you’ve ever emailed and tell them all to check out your blog.

    Nancy – nice list. I’m afraid I’m the king of over-estimation and so the king of #4 on your list. I’m constantly promising things from my heart that my life is unable to deliver. I’m trying to improve!

  10. Nancy says:

    Sorry, broken promises were not ment for you. Just a peeve in general.
    And we all need to improve.
    I reeeeally enjoy your stories, etc.

  11. brianmpei says:

    Thanks Nance, didn’t take it as a shot at me, just identified with your #4, it’s something I’m working on. Thanks for the life that’s led to the stories.

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