Kitchen Party

kitchen-party.jpg I don’t have much to say today. I’m putting all my creative energy into a kitchen party we’re having here tonight. Friends from near and far are gathering here to have some fun together and hopefully we’ll be quite serious about it and have a brilliant time!

At the end of the day it’s the relationships in my life, near and far, new and old, that make all the other stuff of life meaningful. I’m on the Isle of Misfit Toys and I’m feeling right at home. A long time ago I pursued a whole lot of things that just don’t matter to me anymore. I can’t really say how or why the change has even taken place and I can’t say that the old me doesn’t pop up some times like Dracula’s corpse when some idiot removes the stake from the body, but I’m glad for the change.

I’ve come to the place as an introvert I never thought I’d be. I love people.

Tonight we eat, drink, swap stories & tell tales, sing, pray, laugh and worry about bladder control…if it all goes well anyway…


About brianmpei

Stumbling towards what comes next.
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