Life Finds A Way

I’m convinced that real life and real joy are unstoppable and will always find a way. No matter how dark the night or oppressive the atmosphere, real life can’t be contained. And real life, when applied properly, is infectious. Here’s a video by a group who avoid the cliche’ rooftop concert video in favour of going underground and bringing life in an unexpected place.

If only the church could figure out that it doesn’t take anything fancy, just some friends doing something they love and doing it well and having fun, that will open doors and lead to a transformation of the world around us.


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Stumbling towards what comes next.
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2 Responses to Life Finds A Way

  1. Rachael says:

    That was BRILLIANT!! Thank you for sharing that. I love that. What better way to spread joy throughout everyday life than by singing Phil Collins songs in the subway.. and by good looking men, no less. Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind if I was on a subway someday and that happened to me..

  2. brianmpei says:

    It would be the best subway ride ever.

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