Random Access

passlogo.jpg I’ve been thinking that this time last year I was in the U.K. and just about to give birth to C.V. and start this whole blogging experience. Donna and I were in Northern Ireland, Ireland and the south coast of England. We went to a conference in Belfast, visited our son who was living there at the time, traveled the north a bit, then took a day trip to Dublin and after all that spent a week with friends in Southampton. I’d love to get back there. I love that part of the world and feel very much at home there.

I’ve also been thinking about how short the time seems now until I stop my (mostly) daily updates and story-telling here. I’ve got a ton that I’ve wanted to write that I haven’t gotten to yet. I think I’d have to quit my day job to tell all the stories I want to, and that’s not happening. I’ve got a few more things to squeeze in and then we’ll have to see once the middle of December rolls around how much I’ve done. I’ve really enjoyed the discipline of sitting down, staring at the white and trying to fill it with thoughts and memories.

I’m also thinking a lot about Haiti since reading “Angels Of A Lower Flight”. I’m making some connections and would say I’m pretty sure that 2008 will involve a trip to Haiti to invest some time in some children. My fortune cookie yesterday told me to prepare to do something daring. Mostly I don’t try to live by the little slips of paper I get from fortune cookies but I’m really eager to meet Jesus in these little hearts. I know there are all kind of people around me who I can love right here and right now, and I try to do that, though imperfectly, but something about orphans really pounds my heart.

While all of this is going on in my head I’m also thinking about the Elusive’s family of origin. One repercussion of her parents both passing away this year is that we’re coming up to this big family holiday and we’re trying to work out some traditions that we can build and keep that will tie us together and honour the lives of their Mom and Dad. Strange days.

I’ve been thinking about the salary demands of a pro-athlete for $350 million to play baseball and I’m wondering why the hell we have any children still hungry in this world if some ying can get $350 mil for standing around playing a game that most of us would play for free. We are a mad society. Bread and Circuses indeed.

And I can’t get my brother and his wife and their un-born baby off my mind. I’ve been praying a lot for this little one who I haven’t met yet.

And that’s your random access pass to my brain for today…thanks for stopping by!


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2 Responses to Random Access

  1. Yves says:

    It is crazy that someone can make that much money…. and sometimes (possibly more often then ‘sometimes’) they actually think they’re worth that much more that another person.

    It is madness.

    There is so much suffering in the world…. and few who hear the call to help.

    I was gonna write a long comment…. but once I start… it’s hard to stop…
    I can talk for hours on how I see it.

    Bless you Brian. And may you be a blessing to others as you have been to me.

  2. brianmpei says:

    Thanks Yves, feel free to rant away!

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