TV Time pt. 2

Once we started worship with singing, Sophia moved the camera into the center aisle and turned on the spotlight. I was a little, um, distracted but we pressed on and sang together. As we went along she took the camera off the tripod and was walking up the aisle and filming people (I was going to say ‘shooting people’ but that looked really bad) as they worshipped. The elusive Donna was singing with her eyes closed and as I led the songs with the band I was waiting for the moment when Donna opened her eyes and saw the camera looking at her. She kept her eyes tightly shut so long that I gave up and looked elsewhere but she told me later that she did finally look and turned to the camera with a ‘you’ve got to be kidding me!’ look that I hope doesn’t make it to air.

During my talk it took every ounce of self-control that my wife and God and put into me not to say something really dumb. My oldest son was hoping I’d go for a “David Brent” moment (BBC ‘Office’) and look right into the camera and start singing something brilliant or look at the camera and say something ‘Brentworthy’ like, “People ask me all the time, why do people come to Community Church? Is it my brilliant preaching, well, yes, but it’s more than that. Is it my charismatic good looks, well, probably, yeah, but it’s more than that as well. It’s really the whole package, me, God, my singing, you know, I could say more but humility won’t allow, eh? Because, you know, I am, like, the humblest person in the whole church. It’s my job.”

What I almost said was, “Right, it’s time we got out the box of rattlesnakes and I think we’ll let Sophia go first. Gordon, shake the box up real good this time…” But I didn’t. I said enough in my talk about kissing my wife that made the Elusive turn red and guaranteed me trouble when I got home. I can handle that kind of trouble though.

Anyway, time slips away and I’ll just wrap this up by saying we had a fun morning and seeing myself on TV has me scared to death. I’m pretty sure the point of the whole exercise is to scare people back to a more traditional approach to church. We’ll see.


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