TV Time

wsuncam.jpg This past Sunday the local TV station came to church. Here on the Island some of the mainline, traditional denominations are working through a process of consolidating parishes and closing down and selling off some church buildings. On Thursday night there will be a public forum, hosted by the local CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp), to talk about these closures and what it will mean to our rural, Island community. Leading up to the event the evening news on CBC is doing a series of short reports and we’re included in those reports. Our church started just 5 years ago, which is different on the Island where most churches are over 100 years old and some are even older than Canada itself. The other unusual thing is that we’re growing at a time that others are shrinking and even closing down in some locations.

So Sunday morning Sophia was here (her name means ‘wisdom’ by the way) and she shot all morning. My friend Gordon took charge of introductions and showing her around while I tried to figure out what we were doing that morning. We had a group coming in from New Brunswick to do the talk and stuff that would fill our second half of the morning. They called at 8 a.m. that morning to tell me that they wouldn’t be able to make it because of the snow storm (we had rain, they had about 6 inches or so of snow – they’re about 2 hours away.) At first I laughed and figured he was calling on his cell from out in front of our Space. “No, I’m serious.” He said. “Don’t you have snow on the Island?” I stopped laughing and started trying to figure out plan B. I was on for leading worship that morning so I was about 30 minutes away from our sound check, still needed to load the songs on the computer for the projector, and knew I had no time to come up with the last talk in the series we’ve been talking about. Decided in a split second that I’d talk about my favourite topic, grabbed a paper with some notes and tried to stay reasonably calm.

Sophia arrived on time and I was doing my thing while Gordon helped her do her thing. I was watching while we were doing our sound check and then while I touched base with a few people to see who she’d pick on to interview. She wired Gordon for sound as he greeted people (one of his many jobs) as they came down the steps into the Space. A friend had brought another friend to check us out, it was her first Sunday and Sophia was thrilled to have, what she called, a Newby to interview after the service to get her thoughts. As Sophia chatted with our Newby, holding her camera, light and mic, my friend who had brought her leaned over to Gordon and said, “Brian better be damn good today!” Gordon pointed to the mic he was wearing and smiled. Hopefully that makes the bloopers reel. I love our church!

…to be continued… (sorry, need to go visit a friend in the hospital)


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