One Last Round of Q&A

got-a-question.jpg 8 blogging days left so I thought I would toss this out for all the irregular regulars who stop by Cracked Virtue. I’ll do my best to answer any question you want to throw my way. You may already know more about me then you ever wanted to but if not, ask away. You can ask about previous posts, regular commentors, my holiday plans, whatever you want. I’d just hate for the 31st to get here and you and I not had the chance to discuss something you were really hoping I’d get to. Leave your questions in the comment section to this post OR you can email me at and just replace the AT with an @. (that’s to fool all those nasty ‘net ‘bots that grab email addresses and send me incredible offers for porn and little blue pills – for which I have no need of either.)


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Stumbling towards what comes next.
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5 Responses to One Last Round of Q&A

  1. shellie says:

    Are you going to send me a photo of that Frodo shirt now, or do I have to wait to see you in it when our families get together in another decade or so??


  2. sweetlybroken says:

    If your irregular/regular readers only learn one thing about you what would you like that to be?
    I’ll save the rest of my questions for face time, sometimes the reaction is way more fun than the question/answer.

  3. BrianD says:

    You have stated that during the past year you have changed. Why is that? Is it the rather trying year for your family, or is the massive doses of introspection that resulted in this change?

    Bt the way Sweetly, maybe you should video those questions and post the reactions somewhere for the rest of the regulars. Well, you could at least make CV believe you are going to do that.

  4. sweetlybroken says:

    BrianD, sadly if I use a camera CV will use his camera and from there it will get pretty ugly real quick but I”m sure it will provide me with some future blogging material 😉

  5. BrianD says:

    I’ll be looking forward to reading all about it.

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