Before Midnight

288792.jpgOn one hand I’m extremely concious of not wasting any of my posting days by not getting something on the blog. On the other hand, life has a way of intruding on my plans. So I’m sitting here near midnight puting a few words down to let you know I was thinking about you today.

Everything I want to say keeps slipping out of my head. It may not be slipping so much as getting pushed though. This time of year is so full of so much. This year, in particular, seems to be full. It’s been an incredible year full of some of the toughest times I’ve ever been through and yet also full of some of the sweetest moments of my life to date. It’s been a great distraction for me, a source of encouragement even, to share the year with you. I really do appreciate everyone who has stopped by here at CV for a read. Hopefully it’s been a few laughs as well.

This past week has been a tough one. I’ve had good friends getting a lot of bad news or having bad things happen to them this week. One of the hardest things for me to let go of are the situations others are in that I can do nothing about. At least nothing overtly. So I come alongside and offer to weep with those who weep and hopefully in our mutual sorrow some support or strength is found. I gave up on having answers for everyone. I don’t know the whys or the how comes to most things. Probably never will. All I have to offer is myself and meager and cracked as that may be it’s the best I’ve got. And I’m o.k. with that.

I just came from a birthday party. A friend turns 50 in a couple days. Her birthday party was a lot like I think church is supposed to be. Lots of food, visiting with friends, meeting new faces, sharing stories, singing a song together, hugs and well wishes. Her aunt was at the party for a while. She’s 90. I couldn’t help but wonder, as I was introduced to her, how do some of us get 56 years, some 65 and some 108? How does that work? The only answer that’s come to me about that is to suck the life out of every moment that you’re in because none of us knows the answer.

So I’ll suppose I’ll go on having a some tears mixed in with my laughter and some laughter mixed in with my tears. It’s all good. And it’s still before midnight and there’s time enough to kiss the Elusive good night and land on my pillow before I turn into gremlin.


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