Merry Christmas

nativityscene.jpg Today’s Boxing Day. Since we’ve moved here to the Island I’ve heard at least 3 “official” origin stories for the holiday. I don’t really care which (if any) of the three are true, I just love having a holiday after the holiday.

On Christmas Eve I negotiated with my daughter for a 9 a.m. wake up. On Christmas morning I woke up to her standing beside my bed, shaking me and asking if I was ready to get up. The time was 8:oo a.m. She explained that everyone else was up so I might as well join them so we could start unwrapping presents. Since she is one of the benign dictators who rule my life I got up and stumbled into the living room. The Elusive was already up and had fixed a nice breakfast for us so we got in our stockings that had been laid by the couch with care and then we enjoyed the meal.

Present time followed and we kept the tradition of opening one gift at a time. We enjoy watching each other unwrap and catching the look of surprise, elation, confusion or whatever else hits a persons face as they reveal the gift. This year was no exception. The Elusive had managed to work in a few surprises for everyone both under the tree and otherwise. In the end we had a huge pile of paper, bows and boxes to sort out for composting, recycling and wasting. We played, talked with family via phone and relaxed. At one point I relaxed too much. Donna jumped in the shower and asked me to keep an eye on something she had on the stove. I said I’d take care of that for her and fell asleep in a chair about 2 seconds later. I woke up to, “Did you check the potatoes?” And as I tried to remember what a potato was and what kind of mischief they might’ve gotten in to that I’d need to keep an eye on them, the Elusive sighed and ran to the kitchen. Fortunately, for my conscience, they were o.k. and fortunately for all of our stomaches as well.

Days away from the end of daily posting on CV and I’m getting all jammed up on what I want to write about. There are stories I never got to, rants I never went on about and confessions I don’t think I’ll have time to make.

A few extra posts may appear in the time between now and the 31st to try to compensate for all that. But please excuse me for now, I’m going back to bed…


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