10 I Liked A Lot From 2007

hills_lg.jpg Here are some links to my personal favourites here at Cracked Virtue in 07. Any other posts you’d like to nominate as “Favourite” or “Best of”? Clicking a link will take you to the original post…

“Does God Care If I Get Bull’s Tickets?” The story of an incredible Christmas gift.

“What Abraham Did” Two stories of painful decisions and a father letting go of his child’s fate.

“Beer Grace” Pretty much just what it sounds like. O.K., probably nothing what it sounds like.

“Not Reasons I Believe In God” I can’t tell you why I love this list only that it fills me with happiness every time I read back over it.

“10 Movies That Changed My World” And it’s sequel which were the back 5 that made up the complete 10. Movies are such a big part of my thought life is, I suppose, my explanation.

“Farmboy” I love me some Farmboy, just because each time I write about it I go back there in my mind and my heart. I can smell the nitrogen, the grease and the diesel. I can see my Aunt’s house. If I was going to write a book, other than Cracked Virtue, it would be about Farmboy.

“White Girl In Harlem” Because it is one of the most favourite days of my life and when I’m on my death bed it will be one of the stories that passes before my eyes and cause me to laugh out loud.

“The Break Up” A mostly true story that was much more fun re-lived than it was lived.

“The Elusive Donna Guest Blogs” Getting Donna to step out from behind the curtain and post is a lot like getting a photo of the Yeti.

“The Corruption of the Innocent and the Redemption of a Devil” Aside from the typos and grammatical mistakes which we won’t talk about here but my prof at uni told me that Steinbeck didn’t worry about because he was Steinbeck and then reminded me I was no Steinbeck. A satisfying experience – that is, the writing of it.

Any feedback from any CV readers still sticking around? I’d be very interested in what you found most interesting about the CV experience you’ve been a part of…

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11 Responses to 10 I Liked A Lot From 2007

  1. TJ says:

    Once Upon a Time….
    Partly because I can say I actually know someone who actually had one of those movie of the week moments that makes you go “awww” and actually well up with tearful emotions….actually, you’ve had a lot of them moments that have made people actually react….
    Partly because you actually said “made out”, and were referring to yourself….one of those moments that makes you go “awww” and giggle….

    C’mon all you quiet lurkers, browsers, peepers…how about actually tapping the keys in front of you and tossing in a few words, thoughts, notes…no one will know….it’ll just be between you and me and CV…

  2. sweetlybroken says:

    Leading with a limp,
    Sometimes you can read something and it’s like being smacked on the head with a hammer, stings a bit but once the stars clear so does your perspective.

    One of the many, many lessons I’ve learned from both the CV blogs and the live version.

  3. brianmpei says:

    Thanks TJ & Sweetly, you are both too kind…

  4. BrianD says:

    Awkward Grace….
    It was beautifully written and I lived through it and can attest to fact that you captured the spirit of the events in a wonderful way. I loved the way you left a memory log for the events surrounding the occasion of dad’s passing on to the mansion that Jesus built for him.

    I also like the Elusive’s guest blog, and think that she should continue the tradition next year. Elusively Cracked, I like the sound of it.

    Of the blogs that do not include family, Corruption and Redemption was my favorite. I felt like I was there living it with you. The questions that arise at the end of the blog are the type of questions that always come up when someone is confronted with their sin and asks for and receives redemption from their sin. They always have questions about the people they have wronged. We have all lived it and watched other live it. Most people don’t ever talk about it, much less write about it. It was good.

    I also liked Why I Believe, Michelle. Everyone needs a Michelle, and everyone needs to be a Michelle for other people. There is a spot in Mark 5 where Jesus heals the man possessed by a legion of demons. Everyone in the region knew him and none of them chose to hang out with him. He mean and vile, and had to be chained. Jesus healed him and when Jesus and the disciples left, he wanted to go with them. Jesus told him to stay behind with his family and tell them what the Lord had done for him and how He had mercy on him. A couple of chapters later, we see Jesus return to the region and great crowds were there to meet Him. This man who had been healed did the same thing Michelle did. He told everyone what Jesus did for Him. I was once like that, and now I am like this. Jesus changed my life…. As for me, my Michelle had two names, Veldon and Kim.

    CV, you have a gift with words, and while I know you will be using them as you always have (which is infinitely more important than this blog), we are going to miss reading every day. I started reading in March, so I have some catching up to do if the blog is still up for the reading. Since you are retiring, perhaps you could occasionally send out a few thoughts to your email distribution list. I will miss the daily dose of life in CV world. Thanks for the contributions to my year.

  5. brianmpei says:

    Brian D, thanks for reading and thanks for your kind words. I really enjoyed your thoughts on those posts. I think I can send out a few stories now and then as long as they’re not about the Elusive.

  6. Nancy says:

    Being your mother, what can I say? I enjoyed each and every one of them.
    Found out that although I am your mother, there is a lot to you that I did not know, and I am just finding out about and enjoying the things that would have been upsetting back then. I also enjoyed seeing your life from your perspective. You have a gift for writting, and details. Your Farmboy, experiences brought back a lot of wonderful memories. I say, keep up writting.

  7. brianmpei says:

    The boys have been playing “Guitar Hero”, one of their Christmas presents, and one screen gives little tips for would be rock stars. One read, “Your mom doesn’t count as a fan.”

    Thanks for reading along this year and not completely disowning me! I’ve enjoyed your responses but I hope you’ve laughed more than you’ve cried!

  8. Barb says:

    Well Brian i have to admit that akward grace is my favorite. It obviously has a special place in my heart. you really did a beatiful job expressing yourself. I wanted to comment when you wrote it but didn’t. A close second would be what Donna wrote about the paper towels.

    Brian, I know I do not comment very often (writing I am not good at) but you really do have a talent for writing and I think you need to know that if you don’t already. You have made me laugh and cry throughout the year and I thank you for that.

  9. brianmpei says:

    Thanks Barb, I always hear from the Elusive when you’ve been reading. Thanks for being part of this experience and for sharing so much of ’07 with me and the fam.

  10. shellie says:

    Your stories that contained characters I know were, of course, the most fun for me. Those events are extra special to me now because you saw each of them from a very different perspective than I did, so I have a new appreciation for what went on. Even though I may have been present, I often had no clue what was going on in other people’s heads while I was fumbling around in my own little world. (Kinda scares me that I may be completely clueless about MANY things in life!) You are brave enough to say (type) things out loud about your own thoughts and motives that I definitely would not have been brave enough to utter in public …. but in sharing those thoughts with such brutal honesty, you have obviously touched many people’s lives.

    Thanks for looking me up and inviting me to come read your recollections of the past and your thoughts on the present. It has been fun reading your words, and the very interesting replies from your friends and visitors. I have sincerely enjoyed my moments spent on Cracked Virtue.

  11. brianmpei says:

    Thanks for being a character and sharing the story with me Shellie.

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