Answers to Questions (all 2 of them)

question.jpg It’s time to clear things off the Cracked Virtue desk and get this blog ready to be moth balled. (Is that one word or two?) I asked for any last questions or clarifications, so here are my answers to both of the questions (which means about 50% of my readers responded with questions…) 🙂

#1) Shellie, as soon as I find the box I safely stored the Frodo shirt in I will take a pic and send it to you via email. Unfortunately I put it somewhere I’d never forget and where it would be very safe which means the chances of me finding it soon are very slim. I am confident that it’s still somewhere in Canada though.

#2) Brian D, I’ve changed in so many ways this year that it honestly scares me. The changes have been internal, for the most part, though I’m also working on a lovely little baby bump and I have sworn off putting any more ‘product’ in my hair.
The changes have come the only way I know lasting change to come which is in the fire and on the anvil. It’s been an incredible year in so many ways, so many terrible ways and so many wonderful ways. I’ve hurt more this year than in any other single year in my memory. I’ve also laughed more, been more thankful and had more fun. Go figure. Doing the regular writing has definitely been a part of all that as I’ve lived more in the moments I was in that I have in the past. All the blogging has made me slow down and appreciate situations I find myself in, both for mercenaries reasons (aha! Something to blog about…) as well as for the sheer joy of life.

Cracked Virtue will re-appear, not sure when, where or how, but I’ve had too much fun to let it all go completely.


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