The Sex Experiment

30day_webnew.jpg A friend sent me a link to a CNN story. Maybe you saw it? A church has put up a billboard and they’ve launched a “30 Day Spiritual Adventure” together. In the news report they interview the pastor and a few people from the church about the adventure. The deal is that it’s asking married couples to have sex every day for the next 30 days. It’s also asking singles to abstain from sex for the next 30 days, co-habiting or not.

I can only imagine that for the first time in the history of church-dom men are literally dragging their wives to church.

The Church’s website includes this: “People are not having enough sex. An epidemic of breakups prove the needs that lead to a great sex life are being overlooked. Dirty dishes, frumpy clothes, and a lack of authentic connections are killing the romance…”

I’m all for capturing people’s imaginations with the story of Jesus and am planning a series of meetings here called “Love Sex” but even I’m a little freaked out by the call to married couples to have sex every night for 30 days. Somewhere along the line I think it’s taking a really great part of marriage and making it the most important part of marriage, or at least it seems like that to me.

Of course men who’ve endured wives nagging them to go to church with them for years and years will likely be up early this Sunday and queuing up for a good seat, wife in tow, eager to join the 30 day adventure.

You can see for yourself here.

Anyone out there up for the challenge?


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4 Responses to The Sex Experiment

  1. indianamatt says:

    Our pastor actually talks about this at least one time each year as well. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a long way from those repressed years!

  2. shelleyperry says:

    you mean in order to take part i would have to ABSTAIN for 30 days!!!!!!!!!! ridiculous 😉
    that’s a pretty interesting way to get couples to come to church though!

    it’s ‘sex week’ here at SSU which has us breaking up into lots of small groups to discuss all kinds of things…i am realizing we discuss it far too little and make it both far too important in some ways and far too unimportant in others. i think we are on our way to understanding healthy sexuality but at the same time we have a long way to go in our culture.
    Cool that churches are talking about it…even if that is a little extreme.

  3. brianmpei says:

    “Sex week”. I think we may have a long way to go as long as we keep having ‘sex weeks’. can you imagine ‘communication week’, or ‘compassion week’? a topic so important that we give it a whooooole week.

  4. shelleyperry says:

    hmmm. well then what about “sex talks” for sermon series?

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