Growing Old

getting-older.jpg I went to see my doctor today. He’s a very nice man who made time to see me when I wasn’t covered in spots, bleeding from an orifice or convulsing in any way.

I hated to go and see him for two reasons. 1) I don’t have anything to complain about – not really. 2) I didn’t want to find out I had caught or developed anything that would require surgery or the insertion of his personal digit into my personal space. But my dislike of pain is greater than 1) or even 2). So today I went in and talked over my ‘issues’ with my doctor.

I told him about my aches and pains and wondered if I had expectations that my chubby, 44 year old body just couldn’t live up to.

We discussed the areas where I have pain and the nature of my fatigue. The short version was that I needed to stop running 3 days a week. In fact he thought running was a bad idea for me at any time. He said I needed a ‘low impact’ cardio workout, something that didn’t shove my legs up into my torso or my torso down onto my legs is probably more accurate. He suggested biking, swimming and the stair master. He actually agreed with me that I am getting older. As a result he suggested I also change my diet. “Sugar and sodium are not processed very well at your age and this can lead to fatigue…” Hmmmm. So the great $5 deal on a giant slice of pizza and a bottle of Pepsi isn’t a healthy lunch? Turns out my favourite ‘power lunch’ is actually a major contributor to my afternoon fatigue.

A quick check of my normal diet looks like: tea, sugar, salt, tea, sugar, salt, tea, supper, sugar, tea, tea, salt, sugar, bed time, a little more sugar. Who knew this was a bad plan?

He’s recommending a small lunch and no snacks. Crap. “Salad” may have been mentioned. “Cottage cheese” maybe. This is a tremendous blow to a guy who, when he was twelve, would start family get togethers at the dessert table, hit the main course and then come back to the dessert table to clear off what was left and managed to lose a pound or two during the process.

I don’t care for the pain, which he assures me will clear up in under 2 weeks if I behave and turn to another form of exercise. But changing my diet. *shudder* I’ve got to think about that.


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9 Responses to Growing Old

  1. Barb says:

    good luck

    Thanks Barb. Remember that spot next to my shoulder blade? It’s killing me!

  2. Yves says:

    Hey man… funny thing about running.. I remember hearing Sam Mitchell (coach of the Raptors) saying that running is just so hard on some body parts that if “his boys” didn’t need to train with running, he wouldn’t get them to do it at all.

    My diet is just fair.

    Hey Brian, maybe instead of chinese…. we could do salad… what do you think?

    Hey, whatever it takes to see you…

  3. Barb says:

    I will take care of that when I come up to see you. Unfortunately, it’s not until July. Don’t forget to stretch

    Will they let you bring your table on the plane?

  4. TJ says:

    Well, you could follow Mr. EJ’s diet, and you know how fit he is…
    Jumbo coffee, double double, blueberry fritter, coffee, fritter, coffee, supper, coffee…and a new addition…deep fried Mars bars…
    That would qualify as a change to your diet, wouldn’t it?

  5. Barb says:

    I doubt I could get my table on the plane but trust me we can figure something out. I will take care of you.

  6. sweetlybroken says:

    ewwww diet, have you taken a close look at the first 3 letters of the word “diet”, not good!
    You could call it “a lifestyle adjustment” that’s what I’m calling my coffee reduction.
    A lifestyle adjustment that has nothing to do with my dislike of being compared to Hammie from Over the Hedge.

  7. Brad says:

    Hey fatty, just wanted to get a diet update. Maybe you could take up roller skating. I’m looking forward to your speedo this summer!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you Bro!

  8. brianmpei says:

    My family has banned me from Speedo wearing. I’m just starting a new food diet today and ramping up to do some cycling for my exercise.

    I’d rather swim.

    Especially off the beach in Tobago.

  9. Kathi Harris says:

    Hi Cracked,
    If you think it’s bad at 44…..wait’ll you hit 54! Actually, I’m 12, almost 13 years ahead of you. The best is yet to come…….NOT! I’ve not been into running or any kind of sport, ever. My knees are okay–but the hips are gone. :>( Let me tell you–that’s a real pain, too. And I’m not overweight–if anything, I’m a little under. But you know what? I’m almost 57, and I can still wear spandex……and I don’t look that bad in it!

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