The New Polemic

I heard about this on the radio. The radio news and online newspapers tend to be my main and most trusted sources of news. Especially if they’re commercial free.

I heard about the remarks that State Representative Kern made. I’ve heard a few follow-ups and they all, legit news and shows like Ellen D.s, and they all take the “Daily Show” approach to journalism and discussion. Let’s make funny faces at the camera or mocking statements or express outrage and create the appearance that we’ve actually refuted the points she is making when we really haven’t.

I’m scared for a generation (I don’t mean ‘young people’ I mean everyone currently alive) that is making decisions based on whether a statement is gets us mocked or not.

I would guess that my politics are somewhere other than in Representative Kern’s camp. I also would disagree with her that there’s some kind of gay agenda or homosexual conspiracy. I would disagree with many of her points and conclusions. However, she can make a case, historically for her statements about the fall of civilizations who embraced or promoted homosexuality. There are a number of civilizations that have embraced or promoted homosexuality, take ancient Rome or Greece for example, that collapsed (but not in decade or two). That’s just an historical fact no matter how much Ellen and others mock. Now the ground to argue is not whether it happened but what was the cause of the collapse and whether you could draw lines from the collapse to homosexuality or not. Personally I think “not” but that’s not the point.

It’s like the argument that no one chooses homosexuality. Historically inaccurate. And that’s usually coupled with, “no one would choose a lifestyle they’d get persecuted for…” Um, hello? There is an amazing amount of ignorance about history in our generation.

Which takes me to the Representatives point about school and indoctrination. I just opted my daughter out of a special series at her junior high that would have taught her the proper way to put on a condom. Handy. It would have also taught her that sexual choices are ‘morally neutral’. You can’t tell someone they are WRONG to have sex before marriage. Get real. Of course if a Mayor, say of New York, paid for sex the media outlets will forget all about sex being morals neutral and will pull out the “adultery” word pretty quick and probably won’t say much about the Mayor of New York living an alternative lifestyle. Who cares about how his little girls hear us talk all over TV and print about him? Or if your teacher decided to have morally neutral sex with one of you students he’s be fired. (hopefully) A confusing message that doesn’t belong in a place that’s supposed to be teaching my kids math.

We’ve become a society of mockers rather than people who discuss issues intelligently. We crack jokes at the expense of others. We think the highest value is getting a laugh and in getting a laugh we’ve made our point.

I think I heard once that Nero had a killer stand up act.

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