The Fountain of Wisdom That Is Bill Gates

billygates.jpg “Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning.”
– Bill Gates




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7 Responses to The Fountain of Wisdom That Is Bill Gates

  1. Yves says:

    Efficiency in and of itself is not a good thing.

    Depending on what you build your life’s foundation on, you’ll turn your stearing wheel towards whatever that is.

    Efficiency is something that we can work at being, so maybe our house is cleaner in less time… or so we can spend more quality family time… or maybe it’s giving more time to charity…. or whatever.


    If you’re into stealing cars… efficiency may seem good for you and bad for the other guy, until your sitting in jail of course.

    Efficiency can also be that thing that some huge multi-nationals will strive at being so share holders are happy…. sometimes someones efficiency can come at a very high price to others. (Usually the poor, or more and more employees)

    I would ask Bill what turns his crank. One thing that is to note about Mr Gates…. he and his wife’s foundation do give alot to the poor.

    That is Yves’s 2 cents.

  2. deb says:

    Great post!! Sadly I have to agree with Bill on that one. There is a lot more that I could be doing on a Sunday morning like……spending time with someone who is desperate for God, stopping longer on a Sunday to hear Him instead of doing housework/laundry and finally, making Sundays last all week. That would certainly be efficient, no more changing gears between the Here and the Yet to come.
    “Religion” is inefficient if you only allocate a specific time once a week to it. Always being in His presence and abiding in Him, now that’s sweet efficiency that even Bill Gates would have to admire.

  3. brianmpei says:

    Deb, you’ve hit on the thing that amazed and depressed me about Bill’s comment. He associates following God is with an hour on Sunday mornings. He needs to get out more!

  4. mikevandrie says:

    Don’t most professing Christians live like following God is an hour on Sunday? I would say that most live like that. Do whatever you want to Mon. through Sat. and on Sunday for that hour act holy and like you are following Jesus and then go home and be the same person.

  5. brianmpei says:

    Actually Mike I’m afraid a lot of us do. But there are a growing number of us who think it’s got hardly anything to do with an hour one day a week.

  6. mikevandrie says:

    I am also a part of a church that believes that following Jesus is a 24/7 thing. However Bill Gates sees the professing Christians that don’t strive to worship Jesus in everything.

  7. benjamin ady says:

    Hey Brian–fun quote.

    Yeah–as you say he’s mixing apples and oranges.

    But I’m with Bill on the Sunday Morning thing. I’d say that there are so many things I’d *rather* do than go to a church service on a Sunday morning.

    Religion is more … offputting than not, depending on what you mean by it. Out here in Seattle, it’s all about “spirituality but not religion”. Heh. =)

    I’ve definitely been there but these days I feel like I should probably feel guilty for having all the fun I have with my friends on Sundays!

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