The Things People Say…part one.

Here’s a little from the nostalgia file.

I thought I’d post a few of the notes from my high school yearbooks. I just happened to come across one of them and was so entertained I thought I would share some of these. For the sake of context, our school gave out yearbooks the next year so that meant after grad you had to go back and get your yearbook when no one from your grad class was still around. At least that’s how I remember it.

So here are some notes that people wrote in my grade 12 yearbook. (That means to get these I went back to the school during my first year of college and got some autographs.) I’m trying to leave capitalization and punctuation as is.

“To Brian, A real person. Thanx for the ride. Love, ______.” She’s from the grade 9 class my grade 12 year. I must have given her a ride in my Cutlass and apparently I stood out from her imaginary friends.

“Brian, To a Hunky guy. Remember the big double date with you know who?!! Good Luck with college & I hope your success is over-whelming. Luv ya, ______ ‘84” First, I am not, nor have I ever been, Hunky – capitalized OR lower case. I don’t remember the big double date or who. I can definitely say I’ve been overwhelmed so it’s sort of a fulfilled prophecy.

“Brian, I thought this ad was the most appropriate place to sign my true sentiments (ed. note – a Mercedes Benz dealership ad) seeing as how our friendship has been nothing but class and high speed fun. I have enjoyed every minute of your companionship from play practice to just playing around. Your sense of humor has added so much fun to my life (and you know how much fun we kinky people need!). I will always have a special admiration and love for you because |I think of you as another brother. I hope your archaeological career is a success because I want an excuse to work with you and be around you (or at least in contact with you) for the rest of my life. All my love, ___________.”

Years later I am amazed at how literate and clever this one is. She managed to pack a lot of our relationship into one little note and I think that’s pretty cool. I was in my ‘archaeologist’ phase at that point that briefly gave way to movie directing and then everything was re-arranged when I made a decision involving Jesus.

She helped me learn my lines for a play in one day. The day of opening night. I’d put off learning my lines and she saved my butt. Her reference to ‘kinky’ was one of those things that we develop in high school where we have this trait that we latch on to or gets attached to us and then we’re known by or as. She played the worldly-wise, semi-dominatrix thing. I played the nerd thing. Whatever works. One girl played the ‘I dropped acid just before math class and now I think my hands have melted off’ so far that she was briefly and sadly institutionalized. Being thought of ‘as another brother’ is NEVER what I guy wants to hear from any girl. I heard it often. And no, I’m not in contact with her anymore and I deeply regret that to this day. I’ve tried googling her with no results. If google can help me and is a dry well what can I do?

Next time I’ll step back one year and share some comments written in my 11th grade yearbook that I collected at the start of my 12th grade year. Feel free to write some of your own quotes in the comments below…


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4 Responses to The Things People Say…part one.

  1. Brad says:

    Classics bro, That is too funny. Nuggets from the past to brighten our day!

  2. shelleyperry says:

    oh my gosh. it takes a lot of guts to reread yearbook comments…I don’t think i’m quite ready to face my loser-ness yet.

    i’m still laughing at “thanx for the ride”


  3. Allison says:

    That’s a fun idea. I’m sure somebody has already suggested this to you…but I don’t see it, so have you tried MySpace for the missing friend(s)?

    I’m just that much older than you Allison that most of my old classmates don’t go near Myspace. Other than the scarey ones.
    And me.

  4. Nicole says:


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