The Things People Say…part two

yearbook-712-x-532.jpg Here’s another sampling from my yearbook. This was the 1980 book that I would have picked up during my grade 12/12th grade/senior year of high school 1980-1981. So it chronicles my grade 11 year. Here are a few comments, I’ll post some more later…

(Once again I’m trying to keep the original spelling and punctuation in place, spell and grammar check is very unhappy with me. I’m also leaving ‘blanks’ where names appear except my own.)

“Hey Dog-face, Well fairy, we’ve come along way from 8A Jounior High. Its really been a blast doing crazy thing like King Kong movies, basketball games, snowparties, etc., etc., etc. I don’t know about this doubledating stuff. It always turns out wrong. Oh well. That’s the breaks. These plays have been a blast too. This year is going to be alright, I think. With a little help from idiots like you, it makes High School alot more bearable. Thanks! The Fantatstic __________, P.S. Good luck with __________! (kissy-kissy!)” This is from one my best friends in high school. You can tell by all the terms of endearment/insults. So much of what he said here, years and a revelation later make re-reading this, um, interesting. There’s text and then there’s subtext and this is full of subtext. As you can tell, plays were a big part of my life at the time. We did two school plays and one summer play and we were just prepping our newest play, a courtroom drama. I’m really struck by his overwhelming optimism about our last year of high school, “…is going to be alright, I think.” Pretty much summed up how most of us felt in 1980.

“Brian, Remember all the fun we had last year in _____ class & in psychology. Remember when all of us went to see “Little Darlings” and we couldn’t get in because it was rated “R” so we ended up seeing “Serial”. RGY, what does that mean? Oh well, good luck with everything. Love, ___________” This was from a girl I knew in Kindergarten and then because of a move didn’t see again until high school. I think she was being sarcastic about the two classes. The first one was an English class with a disturbed guy teaching us about poetry and literature. My highlight of that class was my friend Shellie taking him down after he asked on an exam about the symbolism of the Hobbit. Shellie pulls out Tolkien’s intro and points out that the author himself said there was no intended symbolism. It was a moment that both entertained and satisfied. This is the same guy that would call girls up to his desk just so he could watch them walk away. Psych class was no fun at all as the seating chart kept me sitting next to the girl who broke up with me so I could listen to her go on and on about the new, cool, good looking guy she had met and dated each week. Mostly I learned about depression that semester. I do remember the movie. We tried to get in and got carded. Had to be 17 and most of us were 16. Unbelievable. I don’t remember “Serial” or RGY. It could be I blacked out.

“Brian, Must be nice to be a senior. Almost free. 3 years (for me to go) seem incredibly long. Congrats on making the play. Hope I don’t bruise you. Nobody will ever know. We did it, didn’t we. Then we’ll run off to South America and spend that 10 million. This play is going to be so fun. Actually, I’m so glad I know all you seniors. It’s a rare privelage for sophmores. Take care, keep in touch, Good Luck with _______ & all you do. Love, _______________” O.K., “context is everything” is what this note proves. This sounds so bad on so many levels. Lots of ‘good luck’ wishing with my then girlfriend ___________ that you can read about elsewhere on this blog and discover why all my friends thought I needed a lot of luck. I love the heartfelt thanks for the ‘rare privelage’. Of course it could have had something to do with grade 12 guys dating younger girls because the girls our own age were dating guys older than us. Stupid girls.

“Hi Brian! Just think: Seniors! Our Sophomore year was pretty great (Spanish class – for me at least). Since I won’t get to see you for another year, I’ll apologize for all those names I thought up. I never meant to be cruel, but I have a mean streak that won’t quit! It’s been really nice knowing you. You’re a great directror. Good luck in the theatre. Remember all those basketball games that ____ used to pick on you? You always thought I was in with them, but I’ll have you know I always tried to save you (just call me HERO). After school is over we’ll still hafta get together and play Dungeon’s and Dragons. You are a really great guy and I’m glad you’re my friend. Love, ____________ (Bi-Bi Bri! Sorry!)” This is from another of my very best friends in high school. The Spanish class comment ties in with the Bi-Bi-Bri comments. Spanish class included daily journal keeping in Spanish and both in print and in class it, for some reason, became great fun to suggest I was bi-sexual. Our mutual friend who used to pick on me has also been written about here before so I will leave those stories alone. My favourite part is that I’m sure she meant the apology with all her heart but then just couldn’t help herself at the end where she writes it down one more time for fun. I’m taking this in to my next therapy session…

The pic is me, in the yearbook that year. Parting your hair in the middle was THE thing to do. So I did. The pictures of the two girls on either side of me were two of my big crushes in school. I got pretty close to making the girl on the right my girlfriend back in grade 3 or 4. She used to beat me up at recess and I liked it. I suppose I should tell that to my therapist too…


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5 Responses to The Things People Say…part two

  1. Brad says:

    Almost as handsome as “Hutch” and the same hair! And you had the cool car to go with it. Swisher Sweets never tasted as good as when your riding in a cool car.

  2. brianmpei says:

    Mmmmmm. Swisher Sweets. Indeed.

  3. shelleyperry says:

    apparently you were quite the double-dater…and quite the thespian!

    these blogs are priceless.

    Shelley, I honestly can’t remember a single double date in those days…but I was briefly a thespian…everyone experiments in their school days…

  4. john says:

    It is quite amusing to read comments from your yearbook in light of the perspective that is gained after 28 years. I’m also amazed at the trivia that can be stuck in one’s mind – I remember “Serial” and the RGY comment. If only I could retain information that matters.

  5. brianmpei says:

    Hmmm. you’ll have to fill me in John! Let me know when you’re ‘in country’ next so we can meet up and swap stories.

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