What People Say…part 3

yearbook-712-x-532.jpg Here’s part 3 of a trip down memory lane with comments from my yearbook. These come from my senior year/junior yearbook. Again I’ve tried to keep spelling, grammar, capitalization, etc. from the original.

I’m having a hard time with my memories on some of these. I’m really taken with the in-jokes I don’t remember now and some of the comments made by people who I bothered to get to sign my book but who I barely remember and have made little to no effort to keep in contact with. These were such amazing years of my life but I haven’t bothered keeping up with very many – and some only recently thanks to Cracked Virtue.

I don’t want to relive or go back to my high school days. I like who and where I am now. But I do find the whole idea of my 17 year old self being able to sit down with my 44 year old self and a having a conversation very appealing.

Here are a few more notes from the Rocket!

Brian, Well we got 1 class together & it has to be dramatics the only class I get a grade on making a fool out of myself. Well, I guess it’s about time for me to wish you all the luck in the world and good luck with ______ ‘cause this is it we’re not coming back after this year! So good Luck! Love, _________.
Clearly ‘luck’ played a very, very big role in our lives at that time. And ‘love’. Why did all the girls end their comments with ‘love, _____”? Talk about confusing mixed messages for a teenage boy! The girl who wrote this had been with me in school since I started at Rochester in grade 3. She always seemed to be in a day dream or slightly high through jr/sr high. She was someone I knew; saw every day and yet somehow I never heard her story.

Brian, Don’t worry; my nose will heal one of these days. And I am seriously considering your picture for a unique and different cover for the 1981 “Rocket”…..just no more “Alien”! And after you’re a famous journalist, remember us “little” people! Love, __________ Here’s the explanation. After I saw the movie “Alien” I would do this little impression of the egg opening, crab leaping, egg implanting scene involving my hand and the face of the person I was talking to. The girl who wrote this had a nose a little bigger than mine so my hand connected with her nose quite a bit before it stopped moving to her face. I don’t remember blood but there could’ve been. She was a brilliant girl. She showed me a picture of a friend of hers from around Chicago who I immediately fell in love with. (I fell in love a lot in high school). I started writing her and then one day we stopped. There might have been a court order involved, I don’t remember… The 17 year old girl who wrote this comment died a few years ago, a wife and a mother. I don’t get that but I’m glad I can still remember the feeling of the end of her nose in the palm of my hand.

Brian, Well we’re seniors now so we better not pull any pranks one each other like we used to!! We’ve had some great times and I’m glad we’re friends now!! I hope we can have some more football games before our high school days are over! With tackling! Do you remember that time you & _________ called us all up at ________’s party and it was about 2 o’clock in the morning!! Stay as sweet, crazy and obnoxious as you are! ‘Ole carrot top!! Good luck with everything and everybody!! Love, __________. I have no recollection of making this phone call. I’m not saying I didn’t do it, but I definitely don’t remember it. It’s nice that she could find me both sweet and obnoxious though I suspect there were more points in the ‘obnoxious’ column. “Carrot top” referred to my hair, obviously, not to any resemblance to the now steroid pumped so-called comedian. I don’t remember pranks and I don’t even remember the football games. Wait a minute, this isn’t my yearbook…

Brian, Here’s to our super great play director!! HA-HA I guess play wasn’t too bad, matter of fact – I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for all the help you gave me. I appreciate it. Have a great year with lots of fun (I’m sure you will)!! Just remember DON’T SMILE!! Whatever you do!! ’81 Love, _________ I do remember this girl and the mad crush a friend of mine had on her. He was crazy about her. She, as I recall, was crazy about guys, just not him. The “don’t smile” thing, I’m guessing, was from my direction during play practice. I seem to remember her as a nervous smiler. Nervous smilers are nice people but crack a grin at the worst possible moments. In the play we were in she was accused of murder and it’s tough to take a murder suspect seriously when they grin throughout their testimony.

Well, that’s it for this trip.

Best of luck! Love, Brian


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7 Responses to What People Say…part 3

  1. shellie says:

    These are so fun! And rather frightening. I’m trying to guess who these people were, since a few of those quotes were probably written by a person sitting next to me at the time… but I’m drawing a complete blank on all but one or two of them. What scares me most is that I’m not sure if one of them was written by me or not! “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”… and my memories of high school are SO very vague. And I was stone-cold sober the whole time!! ^_^

    Please don’t make me get out my yearbooks.

    Ha! You’ve already been quoted Shellie. But I won’t say which one.

  2. Brad says:

    I hope your listening to REO Speedwagon when your talking to your 17 year old self.

    Brad, REO or Styx!

  3. shellie says:

    Okay, you made me look. I dug out my last few RHS yearbooks. It is pretty frightening the number of people that I don’t remember who wrote rather personal things to me!! I don’t remember being surrounded by pervy people in high school, but you’d sure think so by reading my yearbook entries!! Just so your parishioners don’t look askance at you next Sunday, I’ll state for the record that your entry very tame, but you did sign off with a nice thought in Elvish. 🙂 (As my mom pointed out at our last meeting, I always did have “interesting” friends! hahahaha!)

    In my Senior yearbook, you didn’t even write anything, but your wonderful brother Bradley did! We all know who the GOOD Metzger is now!! ^_^

    My Elvish compartment has been completely un-opened with those here and now. I’ll try to keep it that way. I’m not in the senior yearbook because you had to go back to RHS to get it some time the year AFTER we graduated. A crazy system for yearbooking. Sorry the trip down memory lane included so many pervs!

  4. Brad says:

    Shellie, hopefully I wasn’t in the P group. Thanks for taking pity on a lowly freshman.

  5. shellie says:

    *giggle* No, Brad, your note was very sweet and non-pervy. 🙂

    I don’t know why I could find Bradley and I couldn’t find you, Brian. Well, after reading the last year of your blogging here, I guess I do have a better idea what you were up to that first year out of high school and why you were hard to find! You worked lots of jobs and did lots of things that I had no knowledge of at the time. You were a busy guy! 🙂

    (And sorry I let your secret Elvish thing out of the bag! After all the wild stuff you admitted to on this public blog, I certainly didn’t think that loving Elvish stuff would be your dark secret! 😉 heeheeheeee!)

  6. Andrew Chisholm says:

    You have better comments to read than I have in my old yearbooks. I am not so sure I would publicly post what some people wrote…you know, with the whole digital footprint people my age are being warned about.

    As always, I enjoy reading your blog. Makes me think about things like yearbook comments.

    Hope all is well. I am doing good in Calgary.

  7. brianmpei says:

    Hey Andrew! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’re doing well out west. I’ve thought about that ‘digital footprint’ myself every time I get a new comment from an old friend or family who says that after reading my blog they’ve decided they never really knew me. That’s something to blog about! Take care out there and remember to come home again!

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