Big Saturday…epilogue

Having heard the whole story of my surfing adventure, including my rented wet suit going on and off – the elusive Donna developed a need for more information. She approached a friend of our who’s a doctor and got a consult on just how many STDs I was likely to have picked up from wearing a multi-rented wet suit. Particularly one that smelled like pee when it was wet.

I think it went back to the sex ed in school about having sex with everyone your partner had sex with in a hope of curbing sex among teens over fears of disease. Not an unreasonable fear. The Elusive applied the principle here and arrived at…”having sex with everyone who’s ever worn the wetsuit…” A thought that made physical contact with me as exciting to her as an overnight in the “flesh eating disease” wing at the hospital.

My friend, the doctor, told her that she didn’t really need to worry. I’ve noticed a lot of disinfectant appearing around the house though.

Yesterday we had lunch with our friends, the doctor and his wife. We sat down to eat and he looked across at me and the first thing he said was, “so I understand you’re having a problem with painful urination and bloody discharge…” The Elusive was SO embarrassed. I relplied, “I can handle both of those things it’s the itchy rash that is really driving me crazy…”

I don’t think the elusive Donna will be discussing medical issues with friends anymore…

oh, and no, the wetsuit didn’t look like that when I put it on. Mine was, um, rounder…


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3 Responses to Big Saturday…epilogue

  1. Brad says:

    Funny and disgusting is my favorite kind of humor. Tell the Elusive you’ll wear a speedo under the suit next time. That oughta kick the romance into high gear.

  2. Brad says:

    *Funny and disgusting ARE my favorite kinds of humor* (gotta use spell check)

  3. brianmpei says:

    I seem to be working overtime in the ‘disgusting’ department.

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