For Those Who Have Tracked Lakeland With Me

I’ve blogged about some stuff I’ve been watching unfold that has broken my heart, shocked me, etc. You can check that out here. I know some of you aren’t interested but a few of you are. For those that are, there’s a new blog here. that sums up things nicely and included the recent announcement that the Lakeland Tent is folding and it turns out that the nameless, faceless move of God doesn’t keep moving without Todd’s name and face. It’s well written, fair and recommended.

When something smells, when do you speak up? Do you wait to see if it starts to smell better? Do you spread some air freshener around and see if that makes it better? Do you just keep your head down so that nobody will get mad at you for pointing out the smell?

I remember in Bible College taking a youth ministry course. The number one item on our job description, we were told, was to protect the senior pastor. I bought that one. Even now I can feel the tension, as I type, to keep the secrets I know, to not tell about the things I’ve seen and heard and experienced first hand. Let me be clear, I have lots that people can tell you about me. I’ve tried to not keep secrets on myself – just check out these blog entries or listen in on my weekly talks. But people who’ve been close to me still have stuff on me, some of which I’m oblivious to. Here and now I openly invite them to spill the beans. Please. The only way I know for us to move forward with integrity in the Kingdom is to quit this conspiracy of silence. It takes very little for the wrong to prosper – in fact, little is exactly what it takes – if we do nothing and say nothing to challenge things the wrong will roll right over the good.

I’m not happy about all the stuff that is now coming out about Lakeland and the personalities involved there. I’m not rejoicing, laughing or making fun of the sudden and surprising end to something that was “prophesied” to be entering into the biggest and best moments of the “anointing”. I’m even less excited about what’s going to be coming out in the near future unless Todd’s early departure from the tent has difused the story enough that people stop asking questions, telling the truth and paying attention.

What I want to see, more than anything, are the men and women who stood on the platform with Todd, who prayed for him, blessed him and commissioned him just a short time ago, to stand up now and own what has happened. Not to make excuses, not to spin it this way and that – just own it.


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