Sarah Palin: mad, impaired, liar – or knows something Oliphant doesn’t?

If you’re a long time reader of “Cracked Virtue” then it will come as no surprise to you that I’m thrilled with Pal Oliphant’s editorial cartoon that attacks the McCain and the Republican party over Sarah Palin’s faith views. It worries and amazes me that I can live in a culture that tolerates me and even occasionally embraces me while considering me mad as a hatter (and apparently that’s REALLY mad) for believing and living as if God is real and alive. Pat Oliphant has opened up the conversation that MUST take place.

Someone who believes they speak directly to God and feel He responds to them in a variety of ways, and may even speak to Him in a language they’ve never learned but He’s given them for prayer, is either crazy, mentally challenged, lying or there’s something there we all need to discover.

The extraordinary thing about our culture is that the growing tide isn’t with Oliphant any more. A large and growing group in North America are coming to the conclusion that perhaps the majority of the world’s inhabitants are correct, there is far more to life than what we see. The tide that’s turning into a Tsunami has the conviction that spirit does matter and it just may be leaders who’ve forgotten or denied that are exactly how we’ve gotten into the mess we’re in now.

Imagine, maybe there are things about life we just can’t explain away with reason. Or mocking political cartoons.

(for the record, I wouldn’t be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket but I’d pray with Sarah Palin any time and I’m thankful to be following Jesus who doesn’t ask or command me to riot in the streets or threaten death to people who make fun of me or the God I follow.)


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