Money For Nothin’ and the Chicks for Free…

d30a52de52This month’s series of talks at Church is called “Crave More Presence” and that’s not a typo.

My friend Carl talked about it Sunday morning, I mentioned it and it’s been all over the news. A man, working at a Walmart in the States was trampled to death by 2000 shoppers as they rushed over him to get a bargain when he opened the door to start “Black Friday”. Sunday, when I mentioned that event, I was noticing that the Church has a history of “sanctifying” the bad stuff and calling it good. Where Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple we’ve found a way to make money off God and call it good. Many churches will now accept your donation via Mastercard/Visa and help you go a little deeper in debt. (I understand reward miles and the other perks and how many of us pay off our credit cards each month – but I also realize most of us don’t or those pesky Capital One people would stop calling me at home.)

Just this past week I received 3 emails from ministries who explained they were going through difficult economic times and they promised that if I sent them money “in faith” that God would multiply that blessing back to me and help me out of my economic hard times. I’m writing them back and suggesting they send a generous offering to me and let God multiply the blessing back on them – win/win. (for the record – I don’t believe that will work but if their theology is correct then it makes more sense for them to send out money than it does to ask me for an offering.)

God created Adam and Eve and didn’t give them “stuff”, not even clothes. We’re supposed to believe that God’s idea of perfection has changed and He’s finally figured out that what we need is “more stuff”. The streets “being made of gold” in the future should be an indicator of the value God places on gold – same as we value asphalt.

In our consumer driven culture it’s easy to understand how the pursuit of stuff has made its’ way into the community of Jesus followers. And it’s easy to see how the pursuit of Jesus has shifted from Jesus being THE Way to Jesus becoming the way for me to get stuff. But we’re called to be “counter-cultural” and to value what God values, to esteem what He admires.

So, what’s important to God? What tops His list at Christmas time? Our sons, our daughters, our spouses, our neighbours, our friends, you. God sees something in you. He also sees it in the guy who tortured me in Junior High gym class. I get what He sees in you but honestly, I’m lost when it comes to what He sees in that guy from my gym class. And sometimes I’m lost when it comes to what He sees in me. Been there, done that? This Christmas season we’ll be encouraging our church family to make a list and consider what’s really important.


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5 Responses to Money For Nothin’ and the Chicks for Free…

  1. Yves says:

    Great post Brian…. reading articles like about the fellow who was trampled in WalMart…. I’m not even sure how to tell you what my reaction was…

    I pictured me going into the local WalMart and recognizing one of the friendly faces who work the door……. and imagined that someone somewhere is in so much pain because a loved one died in the name of “stuff”….

    Even in the pursuit of paying current bills (never mind getting more stuff!!) sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. Sometimes, when all the busy-ness starts running the show…. I start hearing my daughter wanting my attention and tell myself…. “ok, time to slow down…” knowing that there is something so important that I’m being prompted for….

    Plus, sometimes some playtime with a 5 year old is so refreshing.

  2. brianmpei says:

    And when she’s 25 she won’t be nearly as available as she is right now! Thanks Yves!

  3. minnowspeaks says:

    My husband and I are scheduling our “what do we get the kids for Christmas” meeting this week. I think I’ll suggest we take a look at sponsoring a child through Compassion International.

  4. brianmpei says:

    Great idea minnow. Change your children’s lives and the life of another child at the same time!

  5. dude that is brilliant! Why don’t ministries just give to us to get blessed. I mean if they really believe it and all…..maybe they need more faith??? Thanks for the post!

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