What ELSE Hath Man Wrought?

frankenberryContinuing the thread I started the other day…

I’m thinking that if I keep pulling this string the whole sweater will unravel. But then maybe we were meant to be in a t-shirt and jeans the whole time…

What if we could go back in time and provide a little course correction for our lives? What if we could do it for the Church? What would you change or could you change? What is essential and what have we burdened ourselves with that have only slowed the mission of the Church?

I do some counseling. One thing I’ve observed that creates conflict is when a present day relationship tries to recreate past relationships in the present or tries to recreate current relationships on the basis of their perception of perfection (or even a less than perfect but still ‘other’ relationship). I’ve seen parents who completely miss the gift of their kids because they aren’t like THOSE kids in THAT family. I’ve seen spouses make each day harder for themselves and each other because HER husband always helps with dishes or HIS wife never complains about him going out to play pool.

The Church – Christendom – is full of this, at least as far as I can see. Here are some things we’ve created I’d like to see us escape but our current system our mindset/heartset just won’t let us:

1) Celebrity. How did the Church ever create it’s only little celebrity circle? And we foster circles within circles. We say the ground at the Cross is level but seem to think that once we move away from it we should get special seating. We treat pastors (and don’t get me started on ‘apostles’) with deference when it’s still the janitor or sound guy who could bring the whole thing to a crashing halt. Speakers, teachers, prophets, miracle workers, etc. This communicates all the wrong things about the nature of the Church.

2) Property. Let the fighting begin! It’s not that property is bad but let’s be honest. Once you’ve built a 3 million (or plus) building/property and then fill it with more stuff (cha-ching) worth loads more there is a level at which we are now servants of things instead of people. I understand using things for people but honestly, it’s been 2000 years, good chance that building/campus will end up with another generation who aren’t going to be all that in love with it. And then what?

I’ve been in beautiful old cathedrals, really old, and they aren’t very crowded. Yes, the high ceiling, art work, etc. all create a sense of sacred space and make me think heavenward. But I’m not going to live in heaven forever, I’m going to be here. And the Kingdom I’m living for has already established that the holiest place on earth is the person I’m talking to and the one who is reading this right now. I get the same sense of ‘sacred space’ at the funeral home and that’s not really something I’m keen to spend forever in.

I’ll think out loud some more later…


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2 Responses to What ELSE Hath Man Wrought?

  1. I think you’d appreciate this video:

    Blessings to you!

  2. sweetlybroken says:

    for so many people (over 120 now I believe) there is a very sacred space with a almost worn out floor, stained unmatched ceiling tiles and is constantly a work in progress. I imagine to God this is the most beautiful place He sees, we all think so.

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