One and For All

money1One of my main intentions with this blog is to leave something for my kids to give them a greater sense of who their dad is and what he thought about things.

So for them and for any who wander by this blog I just want to make this one thing as clear as possible.

This comes about as I hear one more “ministry” asking for money as we come to the end of the year. This isn’t about ministries outside of the local Church that continuously ask for money rather than going out and getting a real job. (I’m not talking about your local Christian counselor who asks for support from local churches and individual in order to subsidize the cost of counseling for people in need. I’m talking about “ministries” that offer no practical service in return. “Ministries” that ask for your money and then put on conferences, produce books, cds and dvds that you as a supporter will still have to pay more for in order to receive. It’s a little like if the big car manufacturers asked for billions of dollars to produce more stuff no one wants to buy and still charge more than it’s worth while they take huge salaries…ah, wait, forget that hypothetical example…)

Here’s a snip of the request (I wish this was made up):

In the midst of the recent economic turmoil, the question that you and I are asking is: “How do I access God’s blessing and live from the Kingdom’s economy despite all of the world’s problems?”

1 And there was a famine in the land, beside the first famine that was in the days of Abraham…12 Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year a hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.

Here is the principal: during a time of lack, sow a seed to ensure a harvest. The New Testament church in Acts 11 followed this same model of sowing a seed as a response to famine.

At this time of the year MorningStar Ministries would love for you to consider sowing a year-end gift into our ministry.

As you know, zao water, CSCL, and other projects are looking for and need your partnership. As always, MorningStar does not make this type of appeal throughout the year for cash. We do however at this time write a serious note to our friends and family, asking you to consider thinking about MorningStar in your year-end giving. All giving that is received on or before December 31st will be credited for the 2008 tax giving year.

Top Ways to Give
1. Appreciated stocks/bonds
2. Appreciated property
3. Gifts in kind/appreciated assets
4. Regular donations
5. Make a pledge for 2009

O.K., first, props for the gonads on these guys for even asking for ways 1-3. And I have to admire someone who has a set big enough that they can say to you, with a straight face, that the way for you to get out of economic trouble is to give them more money.

So here’s what I want to tell my kids and anyone else who is listening. Just say no. These people are lying to you. This is not God’s plan for you to get into good financial shape. This is not a biblical plan. Here’s what you need to know – if what they are saying is true they should be sending out cheques, not asking for them. It’s just that simple.

“But they do send out cheques to help others…” someone might say. Great, let that be enough. Let them exercise the same faith they ask you to exercise. These men are frauds in what they teach about money and giving.

I hope that was clear. I don’t hate these guys I just am tired of them. I have friends who don’t have groceries once the Christmas hamper is gone and I’ll be damned if I ask them to give so they can get rather than going with them to fill up a bag of groceries from our pantry.

In a season of God’s unprovoked love, may we learn to give freely, but not to get.
May we see that faith isn’t sending my money to some ying’s ministry but buying and sharing a meal with a hungry friend.
May we hold on to the basic truth of Christmas that it’s PRESENCE and not presents that will change the world.
May we all receive the love of God, manifest in manger and on cross, in a fresh way this Christmas.


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One Response to One and For All

  1. mercy says:

    MORESOME. They have built a great citadel and now can,t afford to run it in other words its running them. What price salvation ! MORESOME. Tell your kids to behold a great dad and father in whom they can trust because those who call themselves pastors in the name of the father have no idea who he is and at least you seem to want yours to know you. I was recently at a sunday service when a street sleeper of some years knocked on the door to be let in they opened the door saw his dishevelled condition and closed the door. He banged loudly (saying let me in let me in) and they went out like bounsers to whoop him. I WAS HORRIFIED TOTALLY. Here we had a service being preached a blind beggar, so to speak wanting to be let in and the so called loveing christians preaching in the name of Jesus saying basically, not today salvation. I wept and rather horrified went to speak with him and compfort him and give him hope he wanted nothing just to be respected and acknowledged. Isn,t that the least we all deserve .

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