new-year-resolutionres⋅o⋅lu⋅tion: a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.

I’m not a big “new year’s resolution”er. At some level it could be that I figure if keep my expectations low then I’m less likely to be disappointed. The truth is I normally just see the whole idea as an exercise in “good intentions” that last less than a month. But I’ll risk it. I’ll make this year an experiment in resolution and see what happens. Maybe I’ve been missing something for the last, um, 4 decades.

So in the spirit of trying something completely different here’s a the top ten list I’m starting 2009 with –

1) Resume regular storytelling here at Cracked Virtue. It’s been a long while and it’s time to fill in some more blanks.
2) No more rants about the willingness to be fooled by those in the charismatic part of the Church.
3) I’m losing 60 pounds this year and I’m starting the process today.
4) Take my wife to Ireland for our 25th wedding anniversary this year.
5) Balance my monthly schedule and include taking two days off in a row at least once a month.
6) Exercise. Regularly. See #3 above.
7) Renovate at least one of our two bathrooms.
8) Visit the site of our first apartment, with my wife, during summer holidays.
9) Try to learn the rules for the proper use of commas.
10) Have more fun (if that’s possible).

I’ll keep you posted on my progress on the above. Any big resolutions for you this year?


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Stumbling towards what comes next.
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