To Israel

israelDear Israel, please stop.

Perhaps you haven’t heard and no one has passed along the memo but children are being hurt and killed.

Someone at World Vision said,

“World Vision warns of increasing trauma among Gaza’s children
Posted: Saturday, January 3, 2009, 12:08 (GMT)

As the fighting continues between Israel and Palestinians, a study released less than two weeks ago by international aid agency World Vision has exposed disturbingly high levels of trauma in Gaza’s children even before the latest wave of violence.

More than 16 per cent of children aged 5-15 in North Gaza suffer from nightmares, the majority of which (76.7 per cent) are caused by fear.

Almost 13 per cent of children in the same age range wet the bed, again mostly (70) through fear. Psychological problems, health issues and trauma were also contributing causes, the assessment revealed.

World Vision’s study was released in late December, just prior to the recent outbreak in fighting, and since then staff have seen the situation in children worsen significantly.

“After six days of bombing, the number of children showing signs of trauma is rapidly increasing,” said Mohammad El Halaby, World Vision’s programme manager in North Gaza.

World Vision said the current escalation of violence is unprecedented in both scope and destruction. After weeks of a debilitating blockade of Gaza’s borders, the surge in military violence has had a compounding effect on civilians, particularly children, who suffer emotionally and physically as a result of the violence.

An untold number of children in Gaza and southern Israel live in fear as a
result of the broken ceasefire.”

The path forward is forgiveness and mercy. Your own Law says to love your neighbor and not to plot evil against your neighbor.

Please don’t hurt, terrify and kill children for the sake of political posturing before another election. Please stop.


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3 Responses to To Israel

  1. greggmac says:

    This is a hard one but I wonder why everyone holds Israel as primarily responsible for this horror. Much of the suffering is the result of Hammas insisting that Israel has no right to exist. In spite of Israel showing much more restraint that USA (and most if not all other nations) would ever consider when having rockets lobbed into their towns. The U.N. wants sanctions on Israel but makes little or no mention of Hammas’ ongoing atrocities. The only reason more Israeli children are not dying is that Hammas is inept but their intent is the death of every man, woman, and child in Israel. So, while I agree with the desire to see this horror end I think Hammas has to stop and if they do I have no doubt that Israel will follow suit.

  2. Jamie says:

    If Hamas cared as much as you do about the well-being of their own people, *they* would do would do whatever it took to stop this. I can’t help but think of Solomon… the real mother would rather give up her baby than see it harmed.

  3. brianmpei says:

    Greg and Jamie – no doubt you are correct in the responsibility of Hamas in all of this. I would certainly echo all of my thoughts above to Hamas. The problem is that the people actually in Gaza, for instance the Christians I’ve read reports from, who are caught between Hamas, who they do not support and Israel. The Hamas, as you point out Jamie, don’t care about the people of Gaza. As Greg points out, they just want to destroy Israel. In the mean time many innocents are being killed by Israel’s bombs and ground forces…”collateral damage”… somebody’s daughter, but not Hamas’.

    So yes, Hamas, please stop. But Israel, blowing up the same target that you’ve already destroyed – enough already.

    And it’s great to have you two stop by…you should come by for lunch next Monday – walking distance – we can watch CNN together – but I suspect you prefer Fox News.

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