Data Lost

ramI’ve got this back log of stories I’ve wanted to tell. Tales of unrequited junior high love, adventures in Joplin, my time behind bars…

The problem is that I’m having trouble remembering all the stories I’ve already told. Some I’m sure I’ve written about but I can’t find anything to prove it in my memory banks or on my computer. There are other stories I can’t remember telling but the awkward, averted eye contact as I get part way into telling a “new” story tells me it’s been heard.

Keeping pace is my eyesight. If my eyes change much more I won’t be able to sit close enough to type on my laptop and far away enough to see it at the same time.

A hazard of getting older I suppose.

Once my medical coverage recycles I’ll be able to get those new, fancy glasses they call bi-focals. Woohoo. When I think of bifocals I immediately think of Ben Franklin who appears to have always been old and despite his brilliance apparently thought flying a kite in a thunderstorm was a good idea. But thanks to Ben I can look forward to being able to negotiate the near/far (thanks Grover!) without having to physically move myself or the object I’m trying to see.

This has been a challenging time. When I sit down to eat, since I have to sit up to the table to minimize my spillage, I have to move my head near and far to be able to see what I’m actually eating. It looks like a symptom of something more serious than my need for new glasses. On the upside my dinner table movements seem to both freak out and amuse my kids friends who join us.

It’s also been fun trying to read lead sheets with the band I get to play with. I think I’ve figured out the right size font to print things in and the music stand position relative to the mic stand location. What I noticed this past Sunday was I haven’t figured out how to keep from banging my teeth on the mic that seems much further away than it really is.

While I wait for another month to go by so I can get my new eye exam and glasses ordered I’ll try to figure out what I’ve told, what I haven’t and not bore any regular readers ( my mom and deb) with reheated leftover.

If I could just add a gig of RAM…


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2 Responses to Data Lost

  1. greggmac says:

    Just do what I do and retell it anyway, a good story is worth repeating.

    • brianmpei says:

      The elusive Donna assures me that it’s lost it’s worth long before I think it has…
      but thanks for the encouragement, I’ll tell her you told me it’s o.k.

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