Seek and You Will Find

compassHow Do People Get Here?

As you probably know, WordPress is kind enough to let us know how people end up at our sites. As a week goes by and then a month I’m often amused at the interesting search terms people have used that have led them to

Here are the top ten “Google” or other engine searches that land people here:
1. old man 6,375
2. gateway arch 3,703
3. break up 1,860
4. banoffee pie 1,443
5. squirrels 1,441
6. drama 1,287
7. road 1,285
8. cracked virtue 1,174
9. questions 1,066
10. dirty jobs 950

First and second place have to do with pictures I’ve used to accompany a post. Third, well, when you’re suffering one you’re bound to google to see if there are any survivors telling their stories just to convince yourself you’ll be o.k. And I suppose if you’re planning a break up you might google for some tips. Fourth place is all about the beautiful, magical dessert that is banoffee pie and my more than close encounter with one when the elusive Donna and I were with friends in Belfast, N. Ireland. Five comes, again, from a pic I used to go with my true story about the “Day of the Squirrels”. Six, I’m fascinated that people google just that one word. Seven, like six, one word: road. How odd. Again it relates to a .jpg that someone is looking to use. Eight makes some sense. Though it leaves me wondering if they’re not looking for this blog, and I can’t imagine that 1,174 people are, what do they have in mind when they search google for cracked virtue? Nine, one word search again that must get around 200 million or more hits when plugged into google. 1,066 followed the link to CV. Weird. Ten is a T.V. show and I gather chicks dig the host of the show – unfortunately the wordpress stats don’t include demographics. Which is probably just as well when I see some of the other search terms that lead people here.

Some people come here looking for jail (647). Quite a few have stopped here on their search for poor people (794). Marvin brought a bunch (430) but not Marvin the Martian, just Marvin. Interesting?

I’ll admit to googling myself but there must be a whole bunch of other Brian Metzgers doing the same thing because 194 have ended up here by googling the name. Naked City Indiana (thanks Benson!) has brought 133 by here.

My tale of dating a model or at least people searching for tips or cures has drawn 115 folks by to read. It could be a fetish I haven’t heard of or people just like the expression but 101 found CV by searching for baby bump. And for those who were too hurried to type in the whole location, 86 more folks dropped in by searching for naked city.

It’s left me wondering about all the times I was looking for one thing and found something completely different. It may not be true for those who’ve landed here at CV, but for me, a lot of my diverted searches have actually led me to something or someone better.

I’d just sworn off dating when I met the elusive Donna. I was trying to prove my friend wrong when I stumbled into Grace. I was looking to book a youth group outreach when I found a job here on Prince Edward Island.

It could be true that good things come to those who wait but if Google and WordPress are right, seekers are bound to find more than they imagined.


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